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The billboard music awards aired Sunday evening and were chock full of surprises for all the viewers. T-Swift fans were especially excited as she unveiled her latest mini movie/action-packed music video! It even featured almost every celebrity you can think of (so basically all of Taylors best friends). These female fighting stars came together to create a video full of fighting evil villans and cliché cat suits and now we’re here to award all these lovely ladies for some of the best moment’s of the Bad Blood music video.

Check out the video here!

Best Mini Scene:

The video begins with Swift and pal Selena Gomez (Arsyn) dueling it out until Gomez kicks her out of a window and straight down into a car – because what’s a better introduction than two good-looking girls fighting to the death?

Most Powerful Punches: 

Eventually Swift and Karlie Kloss (Knock Out) are in the middle of a vicious kick-boxing match, which I am extremely jealous of. (Could you imagine Karlie Kloss kicking your butt?)

Biggest Badass: 

Personally, I picture Ellie Goulding (Destructa X) as a sweet innocent gal making music for the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack. In the Bad Blood music video, Goulding takes a major 180* turn and BAM she whips out this GIANT BAZOOKA. My jaw literally dropped because…WHAT !? (proof in photo below)


Coolest Name: 

Cara Delevingne always seems to crack me up through her videos or instagram posts, but seeing her in this video was just the cherry on top. In this scene she whips out some nun chucks which is totally fitting with her name Mother Chucker – classic Cara. (sidenote I want Swifts’ bra here)

Catchiest Catch Phrase:

If you’ve ever actually listened to Swift’s single Bad Blood, you’ve probably had the part of the song “bandaids don’t fix bullet holes” stuck in your head for days. It has become the new catch phrase for the music video and when the hashtag #BadBloodMusicVideo is used on twitter, a new emoji of a bandaid with a bullet hole actually appears! (Don’t worry it took Gigi Hadid [Slay-Z] a couple tries to figure it out too.)

Most Likely To ACTUALLY Win A Fight:

If looks could kill, Zendaya (Cut-Throat) takes the crown for this one and she rocked those biker shorts and chunky platform heels.

Best Girl Gang:


Seriously, Swift couldn’t have picked a better girl gang for this music video. Thanks to her I’m never going to look at a bandaid the same anymore. This video is probably every man or woman’s dream and I can honestly say we should all be uping our game to recreate this squad. 

Full Squad List:

Taylor Swift as CatastropheSelena Gomez as ArsynKarlie Kloss as KnockoutKendrick Lamar as Welvin Da GreatMartha Hunt as HomeSliceJessica Alba as DominoSerayah as DilemmaLena Dunham as Lucky FioriHailee Steinfeld as The TrinityEllie Goulding as Destructa XGiGi Hadid as Slay-ZHayley Williams as The Crimson CurseZendaya as Cut-ThroatLily Aldridge as FrostbyteEllen Pompeo as LunaMariska Hargitay as JusticeCara Delevingne as Mother ChuckerCindy Crawford as Headmistress


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