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Up and Coming Bands of 2020 by Toni Elton

There are times when I hear a band and an undeniable revelation of their potential rises to my attention. It’s a great feeling for music enthusiasts: one that gets your heart beating and mind churning. In the time of uncertainty we live in right now, it can be inspiring to see musicians continue to cultivate a harmonious community. Read on to hear about a few bands that are rising towards popularity this year. I hope when you give these bands a listen they ignite an excitement within you as they have for me. 


Straight out of Chicago, Dehd cultivates a confounding sound that is throwing the indie music scene off its axil. The band began in 2015 by Emily Kempf and Jason Balla. At the time, the two were a couple and decided to tour out of the desire to travel. They were later joined by their friend Eric McGrady who became the drummer for the band. From the release of their self-titled album in 2016 up to their most recent release “Flower of Devotion,” the band has packed their music with a driving force of passion and emotion. Their most recent release, in my opinion, has some of their best tracks yet, including my favorites “Flying” and “Nobody.” Their songs are not only unparalleled in their style and musical flair, but also tell stories of love, heartbreak, and self improvement. Check out Dehd while they are on their rise in popularity.

Petite League

With a similar lofi-alternative sound to Dehd, Petite League is a small band worth tuning into. Petite League began in New York in 2015 and since then they have released four albums and are planning on another release at the end of this year. Their single “Joyrider,” which came out on September 4, gives a little taste of the energy and style that will appear on their next release. Listen to Petitie League on any streaming platform, and look out for their next album!

Twin Peaks

Disclaimer: I strongly recommend all of the bands on this list, but I am most definitely biased when I say that Twin Peaks is the best one of the bunch. And not just that, but one of the best bands currently making music.

Twin Peaks, another Chicago bred band, formed in 2010 and released their first album “Sunken” in 2013. Last year they released their most recent album, “Lookout Low” and in July of this year they dropped their EP “Side A.” There isn’t a single Twin Peaks song that I don’t like, and their progression and growth within their music is evident in each album they release. That being said, I think they are a band that will continue to flourish in the music scene.

Spacey Jane

We’re taking it down south for this one. One of two Australian bands on this list, Spacey Jane has peaked attention in the music scene in  the past few years with singles and EPs packed with dignified lyricism and outlandish guitar riffs. Their album “Sunlight” was released in June of this year and wholeheartedly displays the talent and potential that this band holds. With the release of “Sunlight” The band has grabbed the music scene’s attention and I think they will continue to blow people out of the water with each new release.

Jelani Aryeh

With a blend of melodic, rap styled vocals, and R&B inspired beats, Jelani Aryeh packs a punch. Jelani began like many artists today, circling the world of soundcloud and youtube rappers, wanting to make a name for himself. From there, Jelani took a leap by releasing his 2017 EP “Suburban Destinesia” where he focused on his vocals and instrumentation as opposed to the rap that he’d previously been working on. Since then, Jenali has continued to flourish with his music, releasing several singles before his 2019 album “Helvetica.” His newest release is one of my favorites from him, “Stella Brown.” Tune in to Jelani Aryeh and decide for yourself which one of his songs will be your anthem for this fall.


Part two of going to the land down under, Skeggs is an alt-punk band that is kicking out the jams. Skeggs started in 2014 with the release of their song “L.S.D” followed by their self titled EP. In both releases their easy going and charismatic energy was unveiled. Despite some negative reviews from critics, Skeggs continued to create music while focusing on bringing vibrant performances to fans. In 2018 they released their latest album “My Own Mess” where their development as a group is evident in the sound they’ve crafted. In June of this year they released the single “Under the Thunder” which wholeheartedly packs the upbeat energy that Skeggs is known for. Give “Under the Thunder” and their other songs a listen as Skeggs gains more traction in the music scene.

Peach Pit

Fluid guitar riffs, alluring vocals, and a good mix of upbeat and laid back songs, Peach Pit is a band for the masses.  Members of the band, having been friends from high school, gained some recognition with their 2016 album as well as in 2017 with their EP “Sweet FA.” Peach Pit not only brings forward vibrant production and musicality, but also an intriguing narrative with their latest album “You and Your Friends,” which was released in April of this year. Give it a listen and stay tuned for more of their stories to unravel.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the spotify playlist I put together with all of the most recent releases from these artists.

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