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Her Campus DU’s Campus Correspondents, Claire Caviglia and April Vollmer, have both been members of Her Campus since their respective freshmen years. They know a little bit about the club and a lot about why you should check out this empowering and fun organization. 

What is Her Campus DU (HCDU)?

Her Campus DU is an online magazine written by college women, for college women! The DU chapter is one of 340+ international collegiate chapters.

Why did you join Her Campus?

CC: I  love to write, and when I was a freshman, I noticed that besides the school paper, there didn’t seem to be many writing-based opportunities on campus. When I heard about Her Campus, and it was just getting started back then–I’m old– I knew I had to check it out. I’ve stayed because of not only the great writing opportunities but the great community of gals I’ve gotten to meet and work with.

AV: Freshman year I didn’t really click with many clubs or organizations on campus, and then one day I found a flyer to meet up with a Campus Correspondent for HCDU to see what it was all about. I absolutely fell in love with the ideas of what I heard during the meeting, so I went to the following club meeting where I met an amazing group of girls and discovered how great a tool HCDU is. That year I published my academic essays, political critiques, and tried out some cool new products. In addition, I met some great people and found a place on campus to feel comfortable voicing my opinions and somewhere to just enjoy hanging out and taking a break from college-life.

What positions are available?

We are interested not only in writers (called contributors), but also editors and photographers. As well, we are looking for people interested in gaining experience with publicity, marketing, and social media.

What does Her Campus write about?

Her Campus writes about literally any topic. We act as a platform that allows your voice to be heard ranging from topics about politics, to DIYs, fashion, food, DU news. You name it, we’ve probably written i! 

What is your favorite article you’ve written? 

AV: For me, this is hard to chose as I absolutely love all the topics I’ve written about. I range from politics, to trying products, to sharing my own beliefs and thoughts about the universe. I do not think I can choose a favorite article, but I can say HCDU is my favorite platform to share my thoughts on.

CC: I think I’m most personally proud of an article I wrote reflecting on my time abroad, but in general, I love writing profile pieces on clubs and individuals!

Why should people join Her Campus?

HCDU not only is a platform for published writing but brings together a community passionate about writing and getting women’s voices out in media. You can also receive internship credit for being a member of HCDU. And did we mention free swag and free food?!​

Did someone say homemade pie?

Can men join?

Of course! HCDU welcomes all writers, regardless of gender or identification, but content is required to be aimed at college women.

What does the time commitment look like?

The quarter system is crazy, and we understand that! Although we publish content almost every day, we spread the workload out. We meet every other week and ask contributors to write an article every other week as well. However,  we just ask for communication when workloads get heavy to aid in lessening your workload with HCDU.

HCDU’s spring event: Spring Speak

What do you do at meetings?

Our meetings typically range from half an hour to an hour. We reflect on the previous weeks’ of content, plan the next few weeks’, check in on events, sometimes have workshops, and of course, eat food! Besides meetings, we get together for bonding events and also have one fun campus-wide event per quarter!

Claire and April having fun at an editing workshop


What’s with all the free stuff?

Her Campus National itself partners with various brands to support them, but also to support women on all the campuses that have Her Campus present. HC Nationals is given a variety of products that the brands offer to them to increase their own publicity, and HC Nationals then gives these products to us in the form of ‘Survival Kits.’ All the products are meant to not only support our chapter members, but the women on campus as many of the products are for feminine hygiene, beauty products, and academic supplies.



What is the best way to reach you guys?

The best way to reach out is to [email protected] or on any of our social media platforms!

Speaking of which, how can people follow you?

Facebook: Her Campus at DU

Instagram: @hercampusdu

Twitter: @HerCampusDU

Website: www.hercampus.com/school/du

We post all of our content online and on social media and do lots of giveaways on our Instagram!

HCDU’s first meeting of Fall Quarter will be Sunday, September 16th, at 6:00pm in ACC Room 184. 

Claire graduated with a business degree in hospitality management from the University of Denver in 2019. She was a Her Campus DU Contributor from 2015-2017 and led as Co-Campus Correspondent from 2017-2019. Her favorite hobbies include drinking coffee, writing, tweeting, and attempting to learn Mandarin.
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