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Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen Review

It’s finally spring time! Everyone is praising the upcoming sunny days, but when you’re pale like me (#gingerlife) you dread having to put on sunscreen about every 90 minutes. The nasty smell, the burn from certain brands or types of sunscreen, and the greasy feeling on our skin throughout the day is exactly what the sun we love so much can bring to our lives. It sucks! 

That’s why I was so excited to try out Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen, with Green Tea and SPF 45, thanks to the Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit!

I live in Colorado; so, this sunscreen problem is ten times as bad for me due to the altitude holding me up closer to the sun making it easier to burn me. The most important parts for me are my face (especially my nose!), shoulders, and ears. These spots only need a bit of coverage since they are tiny areas; so, this tiny bottle is perfect for covering those small areas that just want to sizzle like bacon in the sun. It only took a tiny dab to cover my entire face and ears. 

After putting it on, my hands felt normal within less than five minutes. This goes for my face too! The sunscreen was very light and it felt like putting on lotion, but even less greasy! Then, I was hit with a nice scent, similar to Hawaiian breeze Glade air freshers. The retail aspect did not disappoint either. On Amazon this sunscreen is only $8 and Vita Cost has bottles as low as $3! For a sunscreen with quality protection (SPF isn’t too important from my experience, just wearing something is) that won’t make your face feel greasy, this price is a steal! The Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen, with Green Tea and SPF 45 gets a 10/10 from me! 

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