8 Best University of Denver Study Spots That You Never Knew About

As finals season approaches, all the more obvious places to study are becoming increasingly crowded. It’s so hard to get a study room in the library. All the tables seem to be taken. Here are some of my favorite places to study on campus, hidden gems that have taken some time to find.

5th floor of SIE Complex

At the top of the SIE Complex, also known as the International Studies building, there is the most beautiful meeting room I’ve ever seen. It never seems to be locked, and it has an amazing view of the entire campus and surrounding areas. The tables are big, and the lighting is great. I would absolutely recommend this spot, and for studiers who want a more secluded spot, there’s also a beautiful study room next to the larger room with chairs and couches.

5th Floor Back Porch of Engineering and Computer Science Building

Another great rooftop view is the 5th floor of the Engineering and Computer Science building. The meeting room itself is beautiful, but I love the back porch even more. As we move into spring, the rooftop porch is a great place to get some sun and do some homework outside where you won’t have to worry about not getting a table.

AAC Quinette Family Reading Room

If you’re going to study in the library, the best thing to do is to study with a fireplace and a view. When you go to the top floor of the library, make an immediate right, and pass the egg chairs to get to the Quinette Family Reading Room. Inside, you’ll find one of the quietest and most focused rooms in the entire library. The view from the reading room is gorgeous, and in the right corner of the room, there’s a gas fireplace that you can turn on and warm up next to. It’s the perfect spot to study during wintery days on campus.

Balcony Chairs in Daniels College of Business

Marcus Commons might be the more obvious study spot in Daniels College of Business, but if you’re looking to get a bird’s eye view of all the flags, try out the comfy chairs on the balcony above Marcus Commons. Located on the second floor, the two plush chairs and large couch offer a great place to feel the ambience of Marcus Commons without being down in the thick of the chairs and tables.

Driscoll Underground

The Driscoll Underground is one of the most underrated study spots on campus. Complete with pool tables and vending machines, Driscoll Underground has so much space to spread out and hang out. It has no restrictions on quietness, so this is one of my favorite places to do group work. Additionally, because it’s so centrally located, it’s a great place to meet up with your friends or classmates to get work done.

Mary Reed Renaissance Room

Mary Reed is one of the older buildings on campus, built during the Great Depression. The entire second floor of Mary Reed is the famed Renaissance Room. It’s one of the most elegant book rooms at the entire university, and this room is the closest I feel to being at Hogwarts. No one ever uses the Renaissance Room in the evenings; so, you can easily spread out your books for a study session.  

Gerald H. Hughes Rare Book Room in Law School Library

If you haven’t been to the Sturm College of Law’s Westminster Library yet, I highly recommend it. Studying amongst law students always gives me the power to be more focused and productive. However, one of the best places to read a book is in the Gerald H. Hughes Rare Book Room. Once you walk into the main library, veer to the left and you’ll find the entrance to this room. Inside, it feels like a rich duke’s private library on his estate. There are beautiful oil paintings, nice leather chairs, sturdy tables to work and do homework at, and you’re surrounded by some of the rarest books on campus.

Margery Reed Basement Study Rooms

Securing a study room in the AAC is next to impossible, especially during finals season. However, the basement of Margery Reed has study rooms that are essentially twins of the ones in the library, but nobody ever uses them. Yes, the blank white walls can be a bit depressing, but it’s a perfect space to get those finals papers done.

Happy studying during this finals season! I hope you shake things up this season with a new study spot.