6 Fashion Rules To Break This Year

Fashion should be fun; there are always fun new trends to try and bold colors to choose from. So why do we hold ourselves back by buying into so many fashion "rules"?  Rules are not fun, but breaking them can be! Here is a list of fashion “rules” you officially have permission to break!

1. Don't wear white after labor day

Okay who invented this rule in the first place? The rule is darn near impossible to follow to begin with, so let's completely throw it out the window. That white pair of jeans you wore all summer long? Well, they're invited back to your closet for winter. 

2. Don't mix prints

Mixed prints are really in style right now, and finding prints that work together doesn't have to be rocket science. The best rule is to start with stripes in a neutral color, and then add a print with that same neutral color in it. You can pair your stripes with leopard, floral prints, plaid, polka dots; the list goes on and on!

3. Don't mix black and brown

A cool pair of cognac boots is a perfect contrast to an all-black outfit. 

4. Don't mix metals

Talk about boring! Mixed metals are pretty trendy right now. So layer your rings, bracelets, and necklaces to see what fun combinations you can come up with!

5. Match your shoes with your purse

Fashion shouldn't have to be this formulaic. A bright pop of color can add a lot of character to your outfit, so if you're eyeing a bright red bag but don't have the shoes to match, throw caution to the wind and rock that bag with whatever shoes feel right. If Taylor Swift is allowed to do it, we are all allowed to do it. 

6. Don't wear heels if you're tall

I'm 5'9" and for years I felt like I needed to stick with low heels or flats so that I wouldn't tower over all of the men around me. These days, I wear heels whenever I feel like it because I love them and frankly, it's a little sexist to think women shouldn't be taller than men. Heels will make your long legs look even longer and they're fun! Your height is an asset, don't let it hold you back from wearing exactly what you want.