6 of Ben's Bachelorettes You Need to Follow on Snapchat

1. Amanda Stanton 

Snapchat: amandabee4

What she snaps: Tear-worthily adorable snaps of her daughters Kinsley and Charlie, GNOs with her squad, and outfit deets.

2. Caila Quinn

Snapchat: caila.quinn

What she snaps: Videos of her day-to-day post-bach life, family time, and her new home.

3. Hayley Furguson 

Snapchat: hfergie11

What she snaps: Vids of her and her BFF/twin, Emily and lots of love from their (hillariously cute) weiner dogs.

4. Emily Ferguson 

Snapchat: efergie13

What she snaps: (see #4) 

5. Lace Morris

Snapchat: lovelylace3 

What she snaps: The luxuries of life, and lots of Denver things

As heartbreaking as it is, Olivia Caridi isn't on Snapchat to our knowledge (but she is).