3 Ways to Be a Powerful Woman During Valentine's Day Week

We have all experienced the winter slump in February where it's cold and you have little motivation to get out of bed and experience the world. This hits hard, especially when it comes to the week of February 14th and you are single have no one to celebrate a holiday with that is supposed to be all about love and significant others. If you focus on the fact that you are single and alone all the time, you forget about the wonderful supportive people you already have in your life, including yourself. So it's time to pick yourself up and figure out how you can be a powerful women all throughout Valentine's Day week!

1. Spend time with your Gal Pals

Your gal pals are the best way to pick yourself up during Valentine's Day week, whether you have a significant other or not! They are the friends you can count on who are always by your side. If they aren’t, you should find some gals who are. Don’t take them for granted, because they are the ones who love you no matter what and won't come and go every few months. They love you as much as you love them and would do anything for you. Make them feel loved this Valentine's Day week and celebrate Galentine's Day! Go out with your girls for a nice brunch or go shopping! You can even curl up on your couch with pizza, your gals, and a movie. It all depends on your idea of a good time with your ladies.

2. Love yourself

More often than not we are our own worst critic. Self love can be extremely hard; I know I have struggled with it, and most people do. We all have our own insecurities and there are often parts of ourselves, whether physical or personality based that we just can’t seem to let go of. This week, take time to appreciate the parts of yourself that you do love. Everyone has something and it's important to admit it. Spend a day where you don’t say anything negative about yourself, and maybe even say something positive! We spend too much time critiquing ourselves that we forget that there are parts that are really amazing too. We can’t sit around waiting for some significant other to tell us we are beautiful - we have to believe it ourselves and be confident. So strut your stuff girl!

3. Be Kind with a Smile

Research has shown that physically smiling actually makes you happier. And, in general, I would agree with this statement. Spend a little extra time this week trying to smile. It can really help to pick your spirits up and help you be happier. Honestly, it is important to be an overall happy person before you try and bring other people into the mix, especially a significant other. Being kind and happy could really help boost your confidence. Who knows? Maybe you will start a friendship with someone who will become significant one day. You never know what being kind may get you!

Hopefully, you can try these out to buck up your spirits and give you the confidence you need to be the powerful woman I know is inside of you! I know I will be channeling the powerful woman inside of me this week! Happy V(G)alentine's week!