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The 12 Must Pack Items For Spring Break

Spring Break is rapidly approaching for many students, and regardless of whether you’re going out of state, going home to see family, or just taking a weekend for yourself you need to pack the correct items to make your Spring Break worthwhile.

Often times Spring Break packing can be hectic, because it’s difficult to decide what you actually need and inevitably you will forget something. Well, stress no longer, because this is a guide on what to bring on your Spring Break vacation to make it a guaranteed success.

1. Good sunscreen

This one may seem really basic, and not something that should be required depending on where you are located, but the truth is that no matter the weather you should always wear sunscreen. It protects your skin at all time, and should be a vital part of your daily skincare routine. I would specifically recommend Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen Lotion. This is a natural product and good for your skin. It’s so soft, and easy to blend in, which makes for an easy application process. Furthermore, it has a natural fragrance; so, it works well with sensitive skin. On top of that, this product is only $8.99 and easy to get at stores like Target and Walmart.

2. A quality maxi- or sun-dress

Maxi- and sun-dresses have really been trending over the past couple of years. They are cute, generally colorful, good for any body type, and most importantly work in all different types of weather. If it’s warm, you can wear them with sandals and a cute hat, while in colder weather they pair well with fashionable jackets. The June & Hudson Floral Ruffle Wrap Dress from Nordstrom Rack is an absolutely beautiful yellow color that compliments many skin tones, while still only being priced at $35.00. It is such a beautiful design, and will be perfect for a nice evening, or even a beach day during Spring Break.

3. An intriguing book

There is always some down time when traveling, whether it’s on a plane, in a car, on a train, or  just at a rest stop. This is the time when you can get updated on the latest novel, expand your vocabulary, and help yourself get in those twenty minutes of reading a day that are so good for you. A book that is mentally stimulating, and an exciting read is The Girls by Emma Cline, which is an exciting tale that talks about the 1960s’ cult activities through the perspective of a young teen girl being drawn into that part of society. It’s available at Barnes and Noble for $14.00, and for $17.00 at the Tattered Cover.

Also, check out Kendyl’s list of spring break must reads

4. Bold hair thickening spray

Everyone needs a hair thickening spray to achieve healthy, and super voluminous hair. It will give your hair a super awesome look, and shave time off getting ready in the morning. I would recommend Bed Head’s Superstar Queen For A Day thickening spray. This stuff is awesome. It allows for late nights, and late mornings with half of the products to achieve great looking hair. I have super thin hair so getting that “blown-out” look takes multiple products and a ton of time in the morning. When I use Bed Head’s Spray though, it’s super easy and gives my hair a thicker texture, and makes it easier to style. Plus it’s simply a spray that goes on easily. Bed Head’s hair thickening spray is available at Walmart for only $13.00, or Ulta for $20.00.  

5. A soft and supple lip plumper

For beach days, very little makeup is necessary, if any at all. Something I would recommend is a light BB cream that has sun coverage and a lip plumper. This gives the face a healthy look, and makes your lips stand out as a beautiful feature that naturally look plump and luscious. This is advantageous, because it prevents your lips from sun damage as well, and yes, your lips can be damaged by the sun. A lip plumper to die for is Buxom’s Va-Va Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick in Wine Me. It is a beautiful color that will compliment any skin tone, and give your lips the lush look and feel you want. It keeps lips from getting chapped, and gives them a beautiful shine. If Wine Me is not your color though, they have 19 other colors to choose from that retail for $20.00 at Sephora. Hannah Renea Bumgarner, one of our wonderful writers, loves this product, calling it “super chic!” and advises to “stay tuned for a full review” in her article.

6. Beautiful nude eyeshadow

This may seem like a must to many, but it still needs to be said. Nude eyeshadow is the perfect makeup item to take on any vacation. It works as an amazing base for more bold eyeshadow colors, can be blended with multiple shades to make a gorgeous smokey eye, and can double as eyebrow powder. This item provides a good way to add some shimmer to your eyes while looking natural. Almay Meet Your Shadow Squad Eyeshadow in Unplugged and Less Is More are the shadows I would recommend for nudes. They come in quads of similar colors to create a shimmer, glitter, or matte look with beautiful shades. They are a good texture, and apply easily for quick application. Want to layer a bolder shadow over the top? Go with Almay Meet Your Shadow Squad Eyeshadow in Making A Statement, it’s a light purple that will give your eyes just enough color. It’s readily available at Target for $5.00.

7. A sticky and reliable glue

I know what you’re thinking. Glue? Really? Bree, this is ridiculous, but hear me out. Glue is something that is always needed in every situation, and no one has it. It can be used to fix a broken nail, a torn luggage piece, or a dropped souvenir. It comes in handy so much more than people realize, and you don’t want to be without it in the situation that you may need it. Krazy Glue brand glue will give you a quality finish, and fix your problem whatever it may be. It is super reliable, and will be there for you in your time of disaster; another talented writer here, Claire Caviglia, says that “the mini krazy glue came in clutch to repair my broken Wizard Of Oz red shoes doorstop.” It may seem like it’s not easy to get, but like many other items on this list, Krazy Glue is available at Target for $2.00.

8. A stellar hair finishing spray

Imagine this: you’re on the beach or walking through town with absolutely gorgeous, not frizzy hair, falling down beautiful with a healthy gleam to it. Okay, now lets make that happen with a hair finishing spray. This product keeps the hair demons at bay, and by hair demons I mean frizz. It keeps hair looking gorgeous, and in its prime state. To use, I would say dampen your hair or take a shower, spray in a sea salt texturizing spray, and then top it off with Bed Head Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray. This is will leave your hair with an adorable soft look of beach babe waves, and, of course, no frizz! This product is available at Brighton Beauty Supply for $17.00, and it’s well worth the price. 

9. Effective self-tanning wipes

If you’re anything like me, tanning is not something that your skin does. It only burns. So instead of being a crispy lobster red, use self-tanner to create a healthy glow. Even if you can achieve a tan, self-tanner makes the pre-tan search for matching foundation simpler. My recommendation for an effective tan is  L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes in medium. These wipes are easy to apply, and work surprisingly quick. Within five hours of application a beautiful, evenly distributed tan appeared on my skin. This is a perfect way to tan, and it dries in no time. It is available at Target and Walmart for around $11.00.

10. Comfortable walking shoes

No matter the location and what you’re doing, you will need good walking shoes. They offer the comfort that your feet need, and can compliment any outfit. There are so many options for good walking shoes, and they are all easy to slip on. The walking shoes that I would recommend are Vans Authentic Shoes in Island Paradise. These shoes are fun to wear, and work with almost any outfit. These will keep you from hurting your feet, and are only $50.00 at Vans shops.

11. Entertainment inducing Popsocket

This may seem like a joke but, trust me, you need one of these. In the past couple of years these have blown up in popularity, and the hype is not overrated. This little addition to your phone will make entertainment on the go so much easier. It easily pops up to rest your phone on the edge of the pool while you’re taking a dip, so you can watch your favorite shows. It comfortably slides between your fingers for easy grip while hiking or taking pictures. Plus, it’s super entertaining to play with. I am a little biased in my recommendation here, but I would wholeheartedly recommend the Her Campus Popsocket. Even though iit represents this beautiful club I am part of, it is so much more. It’s simple and elegantly designed, and also features a phrase on it that encourages empowering and supporting other girls. Popsockets generally retail for $10.00 each on the Popsocket website, and make life with a smartphone an ease.

12. A good time

This one is self-explanatory, and you deserve to enjoy yourself this break :)

I hope this gets you ready for Spring Break, and provides you with everything you need to have an incredible vacation. See you next Quarter!
Hello! My name is Bree, and I absolutely love any form of internal expression through art; whether it's writing, music, or art pieces. I am a huge science nerd, I love to read and have a collection of over 200 books. Makeup is another of my favorite things, along with music of any kind. I am so excited to be a part of this club and embrace the strength of women and writing. I am getting a BS in Biology (Pre-Med) and a BSBA in Marketing, as well as a double minor in music and chemistry. I would like to gain a new meaning of feminism and strength in my identity as a woman from this club, and learn to write better.
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