Winter Skincare

Winter is coming and keeping your skin healthy throughout the year is important! Don’t let the temperature drops and whipping winds get your skin down! Hopefully, some of these tips can help you keep your skin smooth and yourself happy.


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Making sure your face stays moisturized is so important, especially in the winter. Cracking, dry skin is famous during freezing weather and you want to prevent that as much as possible. Remember to keep your skin smooth and moisturized throughout the winter season.

Use oil-based products

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Having oily skin doesn’t mean you should stray away from oil-based products. My skin is acne-prone and super oily, but the dry winter weather will only promote more oil production on my face. Do your research and find an oil-based product that’s right for you.

Keep showers short and not too hot

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Hot showers can REALLY dry out your skin and taking long, hot showers isn’t the move for the winter season. Give your skin a break from the drying. If you really have an urge to take a long, hot shower, make sure you take care of your skin right after you get out.

Don’t exfoliate as much

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Exfoliating often can take the hydration out of your skin and you do NOT want that during the winter. Cut down on exfoliating during the week. Maybe take it from three times to once.

Use a cream cleanser

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Certain cleansers can strip your natural oils and dry out your skin, especially in the winter. Opt for a cream or oil-based cleanser to take care of the dirt on your face.

Get a trustworthy lip balm

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Some lip balms will dry out your lips even more. Invest in a lip balm that is known for keeping your lips moisturized, like Aquaphor Lip Repairing Ointment or Burt’s Bees. Do your research and find one that works for you.

Take care of your hands

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Your face shouldn’t be your only skin concern. Make sure to keep your hands smooth and soft. You probably don’t want chapped, dry hands any time soon.

You still need SPF

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No matter what, SPF is SO important for your skin and you shouldn’t skip this step in your routine just because the sun isn’t out.

I hope you will follow some of these tips. Your skin is your largest organ and you have to take care of it! Winter is coming, and you can’t ignore your routine even if you plan on staying inside most of the cold season. Take care of your skin!