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Why You Should Be Your Own Valentine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

A wise person once told me that although it’s okay to rely on others for things like happiness, companionship, and support, at the end of the day, you need to be best friends with that voice inside your head because nobody’s got you as you’ve got yourself.  That being said, you find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day. You look around, and it seems like you can’t see three feet ahead of yourself without a couple holding hands or canoodling.  Girl, let it go. It’s okay. It’s just one day that they get to parade around with chocolates and flowers. Let them enjoy it. It’s like “Talk Like A Pirate Day”. It’s targeted towards a very particular group of people, and it comes around once a year.  But who’s to say that you need to feel miserable for these 24 hours? Who’s to say you can’t get something out of today just because you’re single? If anything, I say you’re probably in the company of the best person you know: you!  Regardless of who you are, there’s gotta be some things that you love about yourself. Whatever it is, I’m here to give you some advice on why and how you can be your own Valentine this year. First things first, make a list of the things people tell you they enjoy about you, or things that you like about yourself, and things that you like to do.  Chances are, you probably have a favorite food and a favorite movie. This is already a great starting point. Grab your Sephora bag that you got with your face mask haul, light up some Bath & Body Works candles (I should really be sponsored at this point), pop some popcorn, and find your favorite movie on Netflix. This is your time, and you know it’s going to be awesome.  If you’re in the mood for company, call up the girls and round ‘em up to take them on a girl’s night out. You all love the pizzeria down the street? Get dressed up, even if it is to eat at a restaurant in which everyone is wearing sweats and beanies. You’ll all have something to laugh about as you eat your favorite food and feel your best, wearing a bomb outfit. 

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Feel like you’ve been working a little too hard and you haven’t gotten around to treating yourself yet? I’ve got two options for you. First option: you create a budget for spending, snag your credit card, and go to town on online shopping. Second option: you create the same budget, snag your credit card, but this time, you drive down to the mall, get a nice, tall cup of iced coffee, and shop for your amazing, hard-working self. 

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Finally, what’s Valentine’s Day without some chocolate? Got some cake mix that you’ve just never gotten around to? Look up some recipes online that you’ve been meaning to try and get cooking! Who says you have to wait for someone to show up at your doorstep with a Godiva box? FaceTime your family, your siblings, or your friend while you’re at it. Get some music going, and make it a fun experience. And maybe while the dish is in the oven, you can make some DIYs to liven up your place and add a pop of color to your room. 

​There are endless, awesome ways to make Valentine’s Day a fun holiday for yourself, even if you don’t have anyone to reach out to. You’re pretty darn incredible, and the only person you need to hear that from is yourself. If you find yourself in your own company this February 14th, I encourage you to think about all the reasons you’re so special and find ways to treat yourself and cater to those reasons.  xoxo

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