Why It’s Hard to Be Basic at Drexel

Being basic has become a phenomenon that nearly all Millennials are very familiar with. Whether it’s screaming “YAS!” in response to everything, dying your hair blonde, or dropping $20+ on cosmetics, there are so many ways to be basic that you might not even realize until someone calls you out for it. However, sometimes us Dragons really want to unleash our inner basic b*tch, but we can’t for many reasons. Below is a list of struggles Drexel students face while trying to be basic.

1. We can’t wear leggings because of co-op or interviews.


2. Our Uggs get ruined due to the rain, snow and dirt that we endure on walks to class or around the city.


3. We can’t afford Starbucks because we’re broke all the time.

Shoutout to high tuition and expensive office attire!


4. Also, we can’t drink PSLs because we need way more caffeine than they offer …


5. … So we have to settle for 7/11 coffee to save our bank accounts and to stay awake.


6. Tuition and rent are too high to afford a real North Face jacket.



7. No one knows what our letters are since Greek life only makes up 13 percent of the student population.


8. We can’t tailgate because we don’t have a football team …


9. … And we have to day drink at brunch for that reason.


10. Our academic terms are shorter than the relationships on The Bachelor.


11. We need to go to bed early because we have co-op in the morning even though Pretty Little Liars is on.

There you have it, Dragons! These are just some things getting in the way of us being content in all our basicness. Co-op, class, interviews, tuition and more leave us too stressed to even enjoy a PSL. Is five minutes in a bubble bath with a fall-scented candle too much to ask? Ugh, we can't even. Let us know why it’s hard for you to be basic at Drexel in the comments below or on Facebook (@Her Campus Drexel).

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