Why Euphoria is a Beautifully Crafted Masterpiece

Why Euphoria is a beautifully crafted masterpiece.

It has been about over a year since Euphoria, the HBO show has aired. Many have watched, and controversy over the show’s content has erupted. In the midst of many Tik Tok’s featuring the music that Labyrinth has conducted amazing music for the show to Euphoria photoshoots, there is much to say about the artistic approach to Euphoria. I’m not here to talk to you about the context of the show, but the best artistic approaches I believe helped people fall in love with the show as a whole. 

The Music

hand on piano keys Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Before you say anything about the music, turn on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, whatever you use to listen to music and find the Euphoria Album. The music is completely produced by Labrinth. Each song is handcrafted so beautifully, transporting you into a music trance. With each song, you can tell which scene each song was used in. Some songs are paired together to characters, really enhancing how we might feel about the characters. Music has its own way of storytelling, and by pairing it with scenes tells an even bigger story. It conveys different feelings that Labrinth wants us to feel when experiencing different characters or parts of the show. Don’t be a “stranger” and check out this video about Labrinth’s process while creating the music! 

The Camera Work

camcorder on blue background Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

If you really look at the camera work in the Carnival Scene in Euphoria, you’ll think that the opening shot was all shot in one take. There are so many components to the opening shot that they would have to plan out every little component, make sure the background actors are ready, that each actor has their lines set, and walking in the correct places. What is so surprising is the fact that the shot is an entire illusion created when shooting the scene and in post-production. Much was planned into trying to make the entire screen look like one cohesive shot by lining up certain cuts between actors look like the camera is just scanning over an object. This video shows the beauty of how each of the individual shots was pieced together to create one cohesive piece...

The Special Effects

Ever wondered how they shot the scene where Rue looks like she is walk on the walls in a spinning room? Think it was special effects? Green screen? Me too. I thought it was all done in post-production with the editing and SFX team. But no, it was done 100% on set, with an actual spinning room. Each actor except for Zendaya, who plays Rue, was strapped to the floor and was spun upside down to right side up. While the room spun, Zendaya has to maintain her balance and walk while the run spun. Make makes it 100x better than SFX is that this effect is 100% real, making that much more amazing. Watch this video to see it in action