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We believe that Ben Wyatt is the ideal man. Ben is selfless with Leslie and genuinely cares for their kids and their friends and is arguably the best TV husband out there. He is well-dressed, just nerdy enough to get away with it, intelligent, caring, and blessed with a beautiful behind. Fierce calzone lover Ben Wyatt is a staple to the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, and here are some reasons why we think he’s so great.


Spoilers, duh.




Abby’s Favorite Moments: 

  • He gave up his job so that Leslie wouldn’t get fired 

    • Remember when he and Leslie got caught dating (which was against Chris’s rules) and Leslie got out through an ethics trial because she was technically sleeping with her boss? Yeah, well Ben gets both of them out of the sticky situation by QUITTING HIS JOB FOR HER! If my future spouse wouldn’t stick their neck out for me like that, I don’t want it. 

  • He stepped up as her campaign manager

    • When Leslie was running for city council, she was in desperate need of someone to run her campaign as Ann and the others had barely any experience running a campaign. Leslie turned to Ben for help and he willingly accepted because of his pure love and support of her. If that isn’t husband material I don’t know what is. 

  • When everything was going wrong for Leslie and he took her to France

    • Leslie was facing stress everywhere and things were going wrong left and right, so what does Ben do? HE TAKES HER TO PARIS! PARIS, FRANCE! Ben gave Leslie a romantic and loving escape away to Paris to give her a break from everything that was troubling her. He knows exactly how to properly treat his significant other. 


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Cat’s Favorite Moments

  • When Leslie is running her city council campaign and needs Ben’s support

    • About halfway through the series, Leslie is offered one of her dream jobs — the position of City Counselor. She is hesitant, to be honest with him about having to choose between work and Ben, but with a reassuring smile, he insists that she open a little red box. Although she is worried that Ben will hate her for choosing her career — herself — he is incredibly kind and supportive of her. Inside the box is a large button that says “Knope 2012”, a clear and distinct token of his support. Although this means they have to break up, Ben reassures Leslie that all of her accomplishments were well-earned and he is willing to end things with her so that she can prove herself. 

  • When Ben proposed to Leslie

    • While Ben is working overseas with Andy on a charity project, he flies back to Indiana to propose to Leslie while she goes to sign a lease on their future home. Not only does he surprise her by flying back home, but he then smoothly, confidently gets down on one knee to propose to her. The best part? The ring box is nestled inside the very same red box that Ben gave to Leslie with the Knope 2012 button from years prior. He is thoughtful, kind, confident, and (as always) supportive of Leslie. What more can a girl want?

  • When Ben started planning after discovering they’re having triplets

    • After Ben and Leslie receive the news that they are expecting triplets, he struggles to wrap his head around it at first, tripping over his words frequently. This is understandable, of course, as suddenly his life is turned upside down (in the most adorable way). Mr. Math Whiz plugs the predicted calculations — like the genius accounting man that he is — and turns to full fiscal dad mode. Ben’s flexibility, can-do attitude, and realist approach help make him the gem that he is.


Parks and Recreation is our favorite tv show and Ben Wyatt is the love of our lives. Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful soul, Benji.


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