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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Maybe when the stars align, you will finally get your life together and get organized. You might not believe in your horoscope, but the stars might actually say a lot about your schedule. Whether you’re an obsessive planner like Virgos or a social butterfly like Gemini, here is what each sign’s schedule might look like based on their zodiac sign.

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Aries: The go-getter

Aries is headstrong, confident and stand their ground. They design their schedule to match their energy and confidence. They crave busy schedules to meet their high-energy attitude. Aries also loves to be challenged, making sure to add things into their schedule that they have never tried before or are afraid to do.

Sagittarius: The humanitarian

Sagittarius is loving and generous, but also impatient and impulsive. Their schedules are full of humanities electives and classes that allow them to think freely and engage in their creative sides. They’re likely to take early morning classes, even though they run out of the door late (and still stop for a coffee along the way). When making their schedules, they probably have a plan A and a plan B, just in case, something doesn’t go our way.

Taurus: The personal prioritizer

When it comes to scheduling, Taurus is completely stubborn and wants to get their first option schedule. They value and appreciate food so you can guarantee they’ll have arranged for a lunch period in their packed schedules. Their school schedule consists of classes with easy professors, as they typically take the easy way out. Lastly, their lucky days are Friday and Monday so you can bet they won’t schedule classes for those days.

Gemini: The socialite

Whether it’s through talking or writing, Gemini loves to communicate and share their ideas with others. Excelling in discussion-based classes is their forte. Gemini has a short attention span and has trouble finishing the things they start, so they avoid classes on uninteresting subjects and boring professors. Because they have a lot of interests, they don’t shy away from taking classes in different colleges.

Cancer: The homebody

Cancer is a homebody and doesn’t like to be away from home for long. They will design their schedule so they have to spend as little time away from home as possible. Plus, they know that once they go home, they’re not going back out, so they’ll schedule things back-to-back, so they don’t have too much free time and get tempted to go home.

Leo: The #girlboss

Leo is strong, independent and always setting goals. Their schedule revolves around a never-ending to-do list. Leo isn’t overwhelmed by their schedule but inspired by it. They aspire to be in power, so their schedules reflect one of a #girlboss.

Virgo: The type-A

Virgos are known to be Uber organized and practical. They are the queens of planning ahead and use Google calendar to schedule their entire lives. Class schedules are made months in advance with at least two backup schedules. If possible, they try to have days off during the week to work their part time jobs, visit family back home or make time for friends. Virgos have a tendency to overbook and overwork themselves, probably due to their perfectionism. Remember to take time out to recharge!

Libra: The free spirit

Libra is the sign that has it all together. They’re known to be balanced and soft spoken. A Libra’s schedule is very low-maintenance and mainly focuses on their social life since they’re known to be one of the more outgoing signs.

Capricorn: Miss independent

Capricorn is extremely independent and driven. Because of their high ambition and tendency to work on their own, a Capricorn’s schedule is most likely separated by work and play. Their work schedule is a priority, and their social life comes second.

Pisces: The very dependent

Pisces is known to be dependent on family and friends at all costs. Because of this, a Pisces’s schedule typically follows others. They’re most likely calling friends trying to make plans so that they don’t have to go to the post office alone.

Scorpio: The booty call

A Scorpio’s schedule is dependent on their booty calls. As a sign that is sexually driven, extremely jealous and super controlling. Scorpio flip flops between hook-ups, going through their SO’s phone when they aren’t paying attention, or maintaining their schedule.

Aquarius: The creative juices  

An Aquarius is always willing to have a fun, open and thoughtful conversation. Being an extremely creative sign, Aquarius finds themself always learning and expressing their creativity. This could be through music, work or anything else, really. Their schedules are based on being able to express their opinion freely and listening to others.

If you fit the personality characteristics based on your sign, hopefully this article was spot on. Does your schedule fit the description based on your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments! 

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