What to Wear: Black Friday Shopping

You lay down on the couch, having stuffed your face and stomach with Thanksgiving food. The next logical step is to figure out your game plan for Black Friday shopping, of course! Although the tradition can be a headache, we can’t resist rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn and suiting up for war, in the hopes of scoring more than just a few amazing deals. Finding out which stores to hit is only half the battle. The other half is figuring out what to wear!

If your main concern is comfort, this outfit is for you. Squeezing your food baby into skinny jeans does not sound fun at all. Instead, hide it all with a pair of leggings, any t-shirt, a warm hoodie, and a jacket for an extra layer of warmth. Since you’ll be running from store to store and aisle-to-aisle, sneakers are your best option for comfort. As for you hair, just forget about it! Save your self the time and frustration and just throw it into a bun. If you stick to a dark or a neutral color palette, you won’t look frumpy, just comfortable. 

While most of us will opt for the most comfortable option, some people prefer a more put-together look. If you want to look like you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did, this look may suit you better. If you’re not a fan of layering, a simple sweater and jeans is the way to go. To ensure that you’re still warm, focus more on your fall/winter accessories. A parka, a chunky scarf, and a thick beanie are some options to help keep you warm and stylish. A pair of boots is ideal just incase the weather unexpectedly changes.

There are some people who aren’t at all intimidated by Black Friday and just need a really good outfit. This entire look is trendy, but also comfortable. A turtleneck lets you get away with not wearing a scarf, while still keeping your neck warm. A bomber, especially one that’s oversized and lined, allows for the same warmth you would’ve gotten with a few extra layers. If you’re looking for comfy yet cute shoes, a pair of Chelsea boots is the perfect choice. A black pair is also ideal since it will hide any unwanted scuffmarks or dirt. Wearing a thick pair of socks will keep your toes warm. In this outfit, you can afford to wear your hair up since your neck will be covered. However, if you can’t decide what to do with it, half-up half-down is a happy medium.

Shopping on Black Friday can be a big bust or it can be a great experience.  Whatever the outcome, it won’t hurt to look good while doing it. Whether you choose the comfortable route or you dress up, make sure you stay warm and safe!