What we think is going to happen on the Bachelor

This season of the Bachelor has been like no other, for the first time in a while we have a bachelor who is gray! Arie Luyendyk Jr. was on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette, season eight, and left heartbroken.  This season of the Bachelor hasn’t been as much drama compared to other seasons, and I’m not as sure who is going to win in the end. I believe the final three will be Becca, Lauren, and Kendall and the last two will be Becca and Lauren. 

Image Courtesy of ABC

On every season on the Bachelorette, we have girls who are identified as villains, and they usually stay on longer than this seasons villain Krystal. Last Monday Krystal was booted off this season on a two on one date. These dates are very nerve wrecking since you know one of the two girls are going home! Krystal on this season has been incredibly annoying and causing issues between all of the girls, by bragging about her relationship with Arie. She proclaimed her chemistry with this season’s bachelor was the strongest yet. Not to mention, she had a fit when Arie decided to invite the winners and losers of the group date challenge to the cocktail hour to follow after he previously said only the winners could attend. She became so frustrated that she decided not to participate in the cocktail hour after bowling because “Arie lied to her” by inviting the losing team too. Krystal is a villain compared to Corinne and Olivia on the past two seasons of the show. Krystal was disliked by every other girlfriend of Arie’s whereas Corinne and Olivia had friends on the show. 

This week, episode seven is the week before hometowns and extremely crucial to Arie since he will be going to each girl’s home to get the approval of their families. 

Becca went on the first one on one this week and hasn’t been alone on a date with Arie since the first episode where he surprised her with a pair of Louboutins a styling session with Rachel Zoe. Arie seems crazy over Becca which I believe why he gave her the first rose of the week. 

Jacqueline went home this week without the help of Arie; she felt as though her relationship wasn’t comparable to the other relationships on the show. Not to mention, she didn’t feel ready to bring him home which leads to an emotional breakup for Arie. 

On Lauren and Aries one on one date it became extremely awkward when she told Arie that she was falling in love with him then he immediately gets up and walks away. After he walked away, she shed a few tears an immediately began to regret being so open with him right before hometowns. Arie spends a few minutes alone when he says, “I’m feeling some things that I haven’t felt in a long time.” A few minutes later when alone with the cameramen Arie stated that he feels vulnerable with Lauren. He says to Lauren, unlike the other girls this season: “I'm falling so deeply in love with you.” Then off alone with the camera guy again he said: “God, I’m falling in love with her it makes me just want to grab her and tell her I love her, her family could be my family.” This is the first time this season that Arie has mentioned his deep affection for one of the girls, which makes me believe she’s one of the leading girls after she receives the rose. 

Sienne and Arie then go on their one on one date, and they don’t seem to have the same connection as Lauren or Becca. I think she’s more interested in Arie than Arie is with her. Arie says to Sienne: “I'm struggling to find that deep emotion, I’ve had on the last two dates (Becca and Lauren).” I respect Arie for following his heart by sending Sienne home this week, even though she was a loved cast member. 

Finally, the group date was with Kendall, Tia and Bekkah M. Kendall, the girl who loves taxonomy, ended up being given the first rose on the three on one date, then the day continued as a two on one with Tia and Bekkah. Tia felt obligated to have a conversation with Arie to protect his heart from being hurt by the young Bekkah M. Tia goes on to say that Bekkah M. is too young to get married and feels as though she’s not ready for eternal love. He seemed extremely bothered by the fact Tia brought up his relationship with another girl who is currently on the date. Although, he did not say that he was annoyed out loud. Tia is my personal least favorite girl on the show since she is always stirring the pot and felt the need to bring up Bekkah M. and Arie’s relationship to validate her own. Sadly, Bekkah M. has booted off the show, and Tia was given a rose. I believe this was due to Bekkah M. only being twenty-two years old. She could be a student at Drexel herself which is hard to find! 

Who do you think will end up together in the end?