What is it Really Like to Be in a Sorority

Sororities and Greek life, in general, are depicted in many popular movies and TV shows like Neighbors 1 and 2, Animal House, and Legally Blonde. In these programs, fraternities are known for parties and togas, and sororities are known for being blonde and unrealistically in shape. These movies are watched all around the world, but, have you ever thought if this was an accurate depiction of Greek life? News flash — it isn’t.  So here I bring you some "Expectations vs. Realities of Being in a Sorority" from girls I know and myself.

  1. 1. Based on your own experiences, do movies and television shows depict being in a sorority accurately?

    When girls I know are asked this question, 100% of them said 'no.' The majority of these girls are in a sorority here at Drexel, however, few are from other schools such as a big state school like University of Connecticut and even a school in South Carolina. These girls are a part of many different organizations and have had different experiences within their sorority. 


  2. 2. If you answered no, what are the differences between sororities in real life and sororities in movies/TV shows?  

    Many girls stated that the things sororities are most known for in movies/TV shows are not true like hazing, only partying, toxic environments, being cult-like, superficial, and super judgemental.


    Instead, sororities are more focused on philanthropic events and sisterhoods rather than partying. It was said that sororities offer a very positive environment rather than a negative and judgemental attitude. In the end, sororities and sisterhoods are very accepting and try to make everyone feel like they are at home. Sure there can be drama that arises between sisters, but it is never to the extent that most movies and TV shows depict.


  3. 3. What aspects of being in a sorority did you not expect, but really enjoy?

    - How everyone is so nice to you right away and welcoming, even when you are a new member older sisters would even say hi to you outside of chapter and sister related activities.

    - Being in a group setting a lot is enjoyable.

    - Leadership opportunities — sororities build a lot of leadership and organizational skills.

    - Sisters genuinely care for one another.

    - Confidence gained from being surrounded by empowering women.

    - Community service — yes, sororities do a lot of it!

    - Sorority women are comfortable and confident despite their differences and uniqueness.


  4. 4. Why Did You Want To Join A Sorority?

    Many movies and TV shows depict women wanting to join sororities to party and meet boys, however, deciding to join a sorority is a big commitment and can get you involved on campus and in your community.

    Women also choose to join sororities to find life long friendships, going out of your comfort zone, academic resources, create more connections, wanting a sisterhood, meet people in other majors, and finding something that could yield something other than academic success. 


  5. 5. What is your favorite part about being in a Sorority?

    According to stereotypes of sororities, many people would think the answers to this question would be "booze and boys," but that is not always true.

    Top Answers:

    - Having so many close friends on a big campus (makes the campus feel smaller)

    - There is always someone to do something with

    - Being comfortable to become close with so many girls

    - Sorority fam!!

    - Learning about so many different passions and stories from different women

    - Supportive and unwavering friends

    - Coming together to reach goals and make amazing things happen

    - Achieving academic success and having lifelong female friends

Sororities are nothing what they seem to be, they are filled with empowering women who want to do more than what you see on TV.