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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide: Long Distance Edition

It’s upsetting to think that on the most romantic holiday of the year you will not be with your significant other. Being in college and still dating your boyfriend from hundreds of miles away can be difficult, especially around this time of year. Just so you know, it’s not the end of the world and you definitely do not have to celebrate valentine’s day on February 14th. You can make this day so much better if you just think about it optimistically.

I’m here to tell you that valentine’s day is what you make of it. Do you really care about the expensive dinner and unnecessarily cheesy gifts? You can give gifts and go out to dinner any day of the week. Why do you need this specific day to celebrate with your S/O? Trust me, I have done this for a few years now and you have 364 other days to show your appreciation for one another.




Plan Ahead

If you really feel the need to be together with your other on valentine’s day, maybe you need to plan a trip in advance. Being in college is not always easy, but if this means that much to you, you can make it work. If not, plan to video chat or organize gifts for each other in advance and send them so you can have them ready for that special day. Keep it simple. The day is supposed to resemble your appreciation and love for one another, no need to be going overboard with hundreds of roses and a 6ft tall teddy bear that you will have no place to put in your 12×12 dorm room. 

Celebrate With The Girls!

You all know what Galentine’s day is! Have fun with your ladies, forget the day and plan to celebrate with your S/O the right way next time you see each other. Plan a party with your friends, whether they are also in a long-distance relationship or single, don’t let the circumstances of your night ruin the mood! Grab some popcorn and some wine and have a night in with your closest girlfriends. Having them around will take your mind off of worrying about how other people are celebrating valentine’s day. 

Ditch It 

At the end of the day, it is not the end of the world not being together on valentines day, just ditch it altogether and put your mind at ease. If you truly love your partner there is no need to stress about a silly Hallmark holiday. There are plenty of other days in the year to recreate Valentine’s Day. Being in a distant relationship for 3 years, I have made it a point that every time we see each other we go on a fancy date just like you would on February 14th. Just make sure you give your S/O a phone call and maybe send them a cute little letter to show your love for one another. That’s all you really need.

I hope that my little tips can help you out this Valentine’s day and take the edge off. Just remember, your girl gang always has your back! 


Morgan is a Communications Major at Drexel University.She is Currently the Event Coordinator for Drexel's chapter. She is into travel, cooking and Fitness/wellness and may spend a little too much time online shopping.
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