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The Transition From Being The Tutor, To Being Tutored

All of high school, I was the girl who was in advanced classes, in dual-enrollment programs and tutored other kids while being captain of a sports team. I was a smart cookie. Now I am not saying that I never needed help, but it was limited to asking questions in class. Coming to college, Drexel specifically, I thought I had it all down pack. First term, I never went to tutoring and continued my cramming habits when it came to exams. That method is what had worked for me all through high school, why wouldn’t it work for college. I was a professional crammer that had actually gotten good grades when cramming. Yeah, cramming does not work in college. I crammed for my first few exams and got such bad grades on them. I changed my study habits at least three times between fall and winter terms. I was forced to go to tutoring. It was either go to tutors or fail out of school. The adjustment to going to tutoring was very hard. I had never needed help before. I had never struggled academically before. For my first term of college, I had landed on academic probation. Something I never thought I’d be on. I was lost for words. No matter how much time I thought about everything, I was still lost and did not know how to get this college thing right. It seemed impossible. I had to embrace help. Help from fellow classmates, going to tutoring on a regular schedule and making friends with the smart kids, who taught me on occasion. I had to sit and have a self-reflection time. I was not giving my all in making sure that I knew the material. And I mean knowing it to the point where I can teach others. Since then, I’ve yet changed my study habits. I take thorough outlines that look like rainbows. Studying happens a week prior to each exam. If I do not know something, I go to tutoring as soon as possible. Sadly, I am still on academic probation, but good news is, I am on track to get off. It is now Spring Term. Doing homework on time is a must. I do homework a week earlier than it is due to get it out of the way. Doing the work for recitation actually benefits you. I take all the time needed to actually know the material at hand. My exam grades show improvement each time and I cannot be prouder of myself. I wish that I came into college with a better mindset or even anything close to what I have now. I don’t think I’d be in this position I am in now. Academics can be a struggle for anyone, it just depends on how you handle it and how long you allow yourself to struggle for.  



Studying Bio Pre-Med at Drexel Uni. Class of 23'
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