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Top 5 Movies to Watch about the Environment


Want to be informed about how climate change affects our environment but don’t know where to start? Here’s a good place to start from! Below are my top 5 movies to learn about climate change whether it is through documentaries or animated films. 

Don’t have time to watch these? Don’t worry, watch The Story of Stuff (20 min) to get you started, then work your way to these!

Climate change poster
Photo by Markus Spiske from Unsplash

Before The Flood

This was my first time watching a movie about climate change and environmental conservation. Not only that, but it was one of the most impactful ones that I have ever seen. In the film, you will follow Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey in learning about our Earth and see how much destruction we have done to our home. In Greenland, the ice caps have completely melted down around 30 feet while forest fires are occurring because of humans participating in deforestation. This movie is a real eye-opener beyond the media posts you see about Australian Wildfires and oil spills.


Yes. The movie with those blue people. Avatar very well shows the effects of humankind’s destruction on planets. This might not directly lead to climate change, but shows the effects of humankind that has led to climate change on Earth. Right before the beginning, we see this beautiful planet that is then tainted with the deforestation of land. Later in the film, flames erupt, burning a beautiful forest. A great lesson taken from this film is that we should not take from Mother Nature, but think of it as if we are borrowing her energy which we then must give back.

No Impact Man
Farmers Market Purchasing Produce
Kimberly Kao / Spoon

Ever wonder what it would be like to make NO harmful impact on the world? This is the movie to watch. Colin Beavan goes on a journey with his family to use absolutely no human technology whether it be electricity, garbage cans, or waste. He shops at farmer’s markets as well as washing clothes with ALL NATURAL, DIY, laundry detergents.

The Lorax (the 1972 and 2012 versions)

If you don’t know The Lorax, it has to be one of the most amazing Dr. Suess stories! If you don’t know Dr. Suess, then I don’t believe you. The Lorax, both versions, is all about a person coming into a very luscious tree environment and finding the beauty in them. The beauty equals profit, and profit equals deforestation until animals become sick and have to leave their homes. This is happening in today’s world where people are displaced from their homes, as well as animals who depend on their habitats to live, only for their homes to go up in flames. 

Chasing Coral (Netflix Original)

This documentary is completely heart wrenching. If you believe that climate change only occurs in the air, this film will correctly inform you that it affects everything. This documentary showcases how drastically coral reefs are being destroyed because of climate change. With rising temperatures, come rising ocean waters. Coral reefs are supposed to live in environments that are set at certain temperatures. When temperatures rise, the reefs die or they turn black and eventually bleach themselves to try and fight for their lives. The shots in this film are gorgeous! To learn more about chasing coral go to The Ocean Agency.

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