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The Top 3 Gym Classes for Spring Term

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, the time when we start trading in the pants and heavy jackets for skirts, short sleeves and …bathing suits?! (gasp!) If your winter term was anything like mine, you’ll need to go back to the gym. If your winter term was really like mine, it’ll be the first time back at the gym in a couple of weeks… ok, months.

I’ve learned that the best motivation to go back to the gym is to have a set gym schedule. A gym pro-tip from me to you: the best way to force yourself to go to the gym is to take an exercise class with a reliable friend so the exercise is routine and you’re both counting on each other to be there.

Here are my top exercise classes to take at the Rec Center (attached to the DAC, of course!) based on the muscle groups they work and overall enjoyment I get from them.

Kick-boxing (cardio): I have been known to leave a pool of sweat on the floor of the studio after an hour of this class. Only offered 12:30 pm on Wednesdays (what a crime!), kick-boxing is super high energy and incorporates all muscle groups with the kicks, punches and knee-ups. This class is great to take when you’re stressed and it burns approximately 30,723,047,234 calories. Just kidding. An hour of kick-boxing burns about 700 calories per hour. That’s roughly seven miles of running!

Body Pump (muscle toning): Body Pump is a popular class at Drexel; I definitely recommend getting there about 15 minutes early to ensure you get a spot in the class. Body Pump uses a series of weight room exercises, synced to music, and is usually taught by the most energetic instructors – even at the 6:30 am class! These classes helps define muscle and makes you feel like a total badass when you’re done (or is that just me?). It’s also an easy class for beginners because you can choose your own weights so you won’t get discouraged if your hulk-like persona doesn’t shine through right out of the gate.

Cycling (cardio and leg toning): Ok, ok. I know there are people who really love cycling and then there are people who think the seats were put on this earth by the devil. After you get past the first couple of classes, though, the seat doesn’t hurt anymore. Trust me, I used to be one of those people who really, really disliked cycling, but I’ve found that the cycling classes help me clear my mind and are great to take in the early morning or directly after school/co-op. And I promise that seat issue will correct itself over time!

Good luck with getting back on the exercising wagon! Spring is the perfect time to get back onboard. Yea, it’ll be rough, but just think of how good you’ll feel once you’re back – and know that you are not alone!

What’s your favorite class? Let us know in the comments below!

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