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Three Twisted Shows to Watch On Netflix This Halloween

I absolutely love scary, psychological twisted and gory shows and movies. Recently, I watched three good ones on Netflix that I think would be a great addition to your list this Halloween. The main reason why I think these three shows will be perfect for this Halloween is that they have a lot of family and relationship themes in them. These themes particularly relevant right now because this year’s Halloween is going to be very different from the usual. Most people will be staying home with family because of the pandemic instead of going out to parties or trick or treating. I think that these shows have a lot to say about coming together, treating everyone right, and always doing the right thing.

However, since these shows are so dark and twisted, there are a couple of trigger warnings for viewers, just in case.

1. The Haunting of Hill House

The first season in The Haunting anthology series. A family of seven that was ripped apart while living in a haunted house is reconnected after one of them sends out a 911 message. They all come together to figure out the details of what exactly happened and how to deal with it. This leads to a journey down memory lane, where they end up in the house that they grew up in, Hill House. The show alternates between flashbacks of the past and present events. Each sibling has one episode dedicated to their time at the haunted Hill House and how it shaped them into who they are in the present.

The show is not just about a haunted house and the family that suffered because of it, it’s about psychology and mental health, love and sacrifice, and truth and secrets. This show was written so well that the family drama could stand on its own without the horror aspect, but both together make the perfect blend.

Starring: Victoria Pedretti and Kate Siegel.

One note: Watch out for the character referred to as The Bent-Neck Lady who haunted one of the family members since they were six. Her identity will be revealed half-way through in episode five and it will shock your socks off!

Trigger Warning: This show contains aspects of suicide.

2. Love, Death & Robots

This is a really good animated horror/psychological thriller/sci-fi show, one of the best out there for science fiction and fantasy fans. It is a collection of animated short films that cover everything from demons, to ghosts, to werewolves, to space travel, to robot revolutions, and post-apocalyptic worlds. It is made such that you can watch in any order. The beauty of this show is its ability to expose you to another reality that you never would have imagined or a timeline of events that should only be allowed in nightmares.

Love, Death & Robots is not just another animated show on Netflix, it has coming-of-age stories, stories of friendship, stories of bravery, and sometimes it teaches a lesson in doing what is necessary. Based on the premises of some of the episodes, it can also present great conversation topics on philosophy, sci-fi, and/or the supernatural.

Starring: Jill Talley and Topher Grace

One note: This show was animated by different crews from a range of countries so each episode is a unique and different type of animation!

3. Slasher: Guilty Party

This is yet another horror anthology series, just like The Haunting series. Guilty Party is the second installment of the Slasher anthology. It centers around a group of friends who returned to the scene of a murder they committed five years prior, in order to dispose of the body. When they arrive, they find a community of eclectic individuals, each with their own sins and secrets. Soon after, people start turning up dead one by one and both the friends and the community they met have to band together to find out who is killing them and why. This show also alternates between past and present.

Guilty Party is a classic slasher series with a lot of gory killings and twisted storylines, but there is more to it. It teaches about actions and consequences. It also touches on mental health issues, loss, grief, guilt, and second chances.

Starring: Leslie Hope and Jim Watson.

One note: Watch out for the character Wren. In the final episode, their true identity is revealed and it is quite a twist!

Trigger Warning: This show contains aspects of sexual violence.

Cecirahim is an Epidemiology graduate student at Drexel University. She has been writing short stories since she was a little girl, but she found her love for poetry and creative nonfiction when she was around twelve years old. She enjoys writing about health, creativity, and life as a woman in her 20s. Writing, for her, has always been therapeutic. It is one of the ways in which she engages and processes the ups and downs in her life.
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