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The Bachelorette Predictions: Who Will Be Michelle’s Final Four?

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If you’re like me, you spend your Monday/Tuesday nights at 8pm, cozied up with popcorn on your couch and ready to watch The Bachelorette. There’s nothing I love more than a good romance – even if it is partly scripted, producer curated, and edited to be the ‘most dramatic season’ yet. Michelle Young is the second black bachelorette on the United States’ The Bachelorette. Michelle is an elementary school teacher on the search for the one and she did not come on reality TV to mess around. Michelle wants a man who is not just charming, but intelligent, personable, sweet, loving, unique, and passionate. Michelle has a lot of men of different careers, attributes, and personalities this season … but ultimately it will all come down to one man, or none if she decides her perfect fit is not among her cast. My favorite episode of The Bachelorette is the hometowns episode, where Michelle will meet her final four’s families and explore where they were born and raised. In anticipation of the hometowns episode that will come later this season, I’ve compiled my predictions for Michelle’s final four this season! We’ll have to wait and see if one of these men will be the one to capture her heart … (P.S. These are just my predictions and are completely spoiler free!)

  1. Joe 

If one thing’s for sure, Joe and Michelle have chemistry! I could feel their connection on night one and I really feel like they understand each other. Joe and Michelle both have a shared history of playing competitive basketball from childhood until college and they share the home state of Minnesota. We know that Michelle is extremely passionate about teaching. If Joe and Michelle make it till the end, they both already know and are comfortable with Minnesota, so Michelle can stay and teach at the same school. They have shared passions, common lifestyles, and their personalities just mesh so well! I can see the two of them going really far together this season and I feel like Michelle will quite literally feel right at home on their hometown date. 

  1. Nayte

Okay Nayte is hands down one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen on The Bachelorette. This man’s smile makes me swoon and if I have butterflies from just two hours of TV every week, I know that Michelle is aching for this man. Nayte has made it clear he doesn’t care about the drama or the other guys and that he’s here for Michelle (not in a douchey, selfish way that other guys have done in the past). He is confident, sexy, and so damn fine. Nayte is here for all the right reasons and there is definitely a spark between him and Michelle. I think there is still so much we have to learn about Nayte but I think his charm, confidence, and authenticity will carry him far in Michelle’s season. 

  1. Brandon

Okay can I just say that Brandon has such kind eyes! You can tell that he really listens when Michelle is speaking with him (the bare minimum) and he seems like he genuinely cares about her. I feel like he will be one of the guys Michelle falls back on to talk about how she’s feeling with her season and the process. He seems like he has eyes just for her! Brandon seems like the “safe choice” to take to hometowns because he is so humble, honest, and just brings 100% to each and every date. I feel like he and Michelle always have genuine conversations and though Brandon doesn’t have a lot of screen time yet, I can see the two of them having a great one-on-one where they really connect. 

  1. Rodney

I absolutely loved Rodney and Michelle’s one-on-one date! He may not know his apples, but I think his humbleness, openness, maturity, charm, and sense of adventure make up for it. Michelle and Rodney’s connection just seems like it comes so easily. He makes her laugh, they are able to be vulnerable with each other, and they accept each other’s flaws. Their relationship seems stable enough to last until hometowns. If I don’t see Rodney in the final four, I’d love to see him again on Bachelor in Paradise. I think he’d be a great fit with some of my favorites from past seasons. 

I hope you enjoyed my take on Michelle’s guys as of week seven and who I think will make it till the Final Four! I am a huge Bachelor and Bachelorette fan and I’ve been watching since Juan Pablo’s season, which was Season 18 of The Bachelor. If you’re like me and you like to keep tabs on different contestants in the postseason, I’d definitely recommend checking out @bachelorettewindmill and @bachelor.realitea on Instagram for memes, updates, and all things The Bachelor. No matter who makes it to Michelle’s final four, I hope she ends her season with a genuine connection or more clarity in regards to her love life. I’m hoping to see some of these men on screen again this summer on Bachelor in Paradise for sure!

Makayla (she/her) is a sophomore political science student at Drexel University. Her comfort movies are 10 Things I Hate About You, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The Notebook. She is a Harry Styles enthusiast and loves to read :).
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