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Stylish Networking Outfits You Can Actually Wear

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

During and after college, you will likely have to go to a few networking events for class or for your job. While a lot of people don’t look forward to these types of events, one way I maintain my excitement is through planning out outfits that show off my personality while still remaining professional. Read on to see how easy it is, and hopefully feel inspired to do the same!

1. Jumpsuit & Bodysuit Combo

Image courtesy of Liz Bauman

For this look, all you’ll need is a solid structured jumpsuit and a high-neck bodysuit. I chose a red Calvin Klein jumpsuit for a pop of color from Marshall’s, and toned it down by pairing it with a black mock neck underneath that I got from Amazon. Warning: Jumpsuits are a great way to stand out, but make sure not to get one that is overly-embellished or busy, or you’ll be remembered for the wrong reasons. Simple is much better in this case.

2. Bright Button-Down & Patterned Neck Scarf

Image courtesy of Liz Bauman

Buying a button-down top in your favorite color will ensure that you wear it with confidence. And if you’re going to wear a collared shirt, why not actually give your collar a purpose? Instead of a bow-tie or tie, opt for a fun polyester/silk neck scarf. You can get creative with the pattern because you’ve opted to go basic with the rest of your look. For an extra kick in your step, go bold with your shoes, too! I chose a holographic pair of heels from Banana Republic to go with my H&M top and Forever21 scarf.

3. Polka Dot Blouse & Cape Blazer

Image courtesy of Liz Bauman

Polka dots are in right now, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a blouse with this pattern. Polka dots also happen to be one of those classic prints that will always be professional, meaning you can take risks elsewhere in the outfit. In this case, I’ve chosen to go with a cape blazer to complete the look, but you could always go with a traditional blazer silhouette and instead take a risk in your shoes or accessories.

4. Big Sleeves & Conservative Everything Else

Image courtesy of Liz Bauman

Outfits really can change how you carry yourself. So if you wear a look that takes up a lot of room like this one, it’s going to make you feel more powerful. This is not going to be a look you can wear for every occasion—do your research on the kind of people who will be at your event to see if your fashion risk will be appreciated or not. I got my organza collared blouse from NastyGal, but you could also get the same effect wearing a blazer with balloon sleeves and a neutral top underneath. Pair your statement piece with all-black everything else, so as not to overwhelm the look.

5. Colored Blouse & Patterned Shoes

Image courtesy of Liz Bauman

Similarly to #2, a fun, bright blouse will give a little bit of personality to your outfit. Even with a bold color, because the top is solid, you can also get away with a really fun patterned shoe. They don’t have to be heels, either! Sam Edelman has some adorable loafers, but some trendy espadrilles would work as well.

“Professional attire” doesn’t have to mean boring. If you can inject a little bit of your own personal style into your look for a networking or business event, it will help you feel more comfortable in an otherwise unknown environment. You should already have most of the tools to do this in your own closet, but if not, be sure to check out your local thrift stores! Most of my favorite pieces come from stores like Plato’s Closet or Goodwill, so don’t think you have to break the bank to be able to pull off these outfits. Good luck!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.