Stranger Things Is Back - With Even Stranger Things!


It’s here! After extreme anticipation by both fans and critics, our favorite Netflix original is back! Set a year after the events of last season, the show now explores a new creature, Will’s “episodes” with the Upside Down, and even a few new additions to the town of Hawkins. Check out the highlights of the first episode and what to expect for the rest of the season!

1. Will

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One of the best parts of this season is that we finally get to meet Will! Last season, he was taken to the Upside Down before we could even get to know him. From the very first episode, Will gets more screen time. We can see his struggles dealing with school bullies, an overprotective family and dealing with the new mysteries of Upside Down.

2. MadMax

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When the gang find out that Dustin’s score in their favorite arcade game is beaten, they scramble to figure out who it is. Turns out the new student in their class, Maxine, is the culprit. While hesitant at first, she joins the group as a new addition, much to Mike’s dismay. Her relationship with her guardian is something to look out for the new episodes.


3. Justice for Barb

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After getting Will back, it seems as if the town has forgotten that Barb had gone missing too. With her parents still frantically searching for her, guilt gets to Nancy. She wants to tell Barb’s family the truth, but is dissuaded by her boyfriend Steve because of the danger it may bring to them and their families. Will Nancy cave in and tell? Or will she be quieted by Steve?


4. Joyce’s New Relationship

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Joyce seems to be piecing her life back together. Her son Will is back home, she has returned to her job and even has a boyfriend! Bob Newby works at Radio Shack, loves Joyce and her kids. Will this relationship last? Will he be able to deal with Will’s “episodes”? Will he be okay with being second to Joyce, since she always puts her kids first?



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This is not a drill! Eleven is most definitely alive! Hopper, the town’s sheriff has been keeping her safe and away from danger. Lots has changed about her, like her curly hair and stronger vocabulary. But one thing has remained constant in her life, her love for eggos! When will she see Mike and the gang again? How much longer until she is safe? Will she be the savior in the new mysteries of the Upside Down?

All in all, this season is off to a great start. Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop yourself from clicking to the next episode. Can’t wait to see what Stranger Things will have in store for us next!