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Spots in Philly to Explore This Spring

It’s April now, which means schools are letting out soon and spring time is here. Wait, is this here – to stay? You’re kidding. With no promises that there won’t be another snow storm, it’s essential that we get the most out of this warm weather while it is here!

Luckily, today is a sunny and 70 degrees beautiful Friday, and we cannot wait to get out our best floral clothing, pretty sandals, strap-up and go outside!

Personally, now that winter is over, I want to be a human again and do things! The warm weather brings much motivation. Here at Drexel, we are lucky enough to live in the city and can make the most out of this weather with endless things to do!

The first fantastic location to take advantage of with this warm weather is the Schuylkill River Trail. It is such a beautiful strip that is miles long along the river with an overwhelmingly breathtaking view of the city skyline. When it’s warm out, and the sun starts to set on the water, and there is a cotton candy sky, one word comes to mind: heavenly. The Schuylkill River Trail is the perfect place to go in the spring, it’s so lovely to go to for a long run to clear your head, or you can go and bring your dogs for a beautiful, long walk. Not to mention, you and your friends can ride your bikes and get out and do something different! It’s also an incredibly romantic place to post up and have a picnic with that special someone. It is my favorite place in the city.

Image Courtesy of PhiladelphiaMag

Next up, is not one specific place, but something I greatly enjoy doing in the springtime with friends – Market East shopping: don’t even get me started! With spring upon us, gather up your best friends and take a walk down Market Street. There is shopping, fun food, outdoor seating – everything you could wish for on a day with good company. It is so fun to pop in and out of all the little stores, trying on clothing with your best friends, grabbing a quick bite, and going back to the boutique shops. And you cannot forget to hit all the major thrift stores, like Buffalo Exchange, and grab some great vintage finds with your best friends.

Image Courtesy of VisitPhilly

My next favorite place to venture to in the spring is the Franklin Fountain! There are food trucks, pop-up ice cream stores, and it’s all outdoors along the beautiful Franklin Fountain. If you go, you cannot forget to try the Franklin Fountain ice cream… to die for. Did I mention it comes in a Chinese takeout box? You can thank me later. 

What’s most exciting about spring is not all the beautiful places you’ll want to explore amongst this warm weather, but rather all the beautiful things you can do with your favorite people.

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