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Spotify Playlists to Listen to While Studying

Personally, I appreciate a good, artfully crafted study playlist – some of the ones Spotify created are actually pretty nice for a musical backdrop especially for your next study session. Whether you’re into instrumental or more of a mellow vibes kind of situation, there’s a playlist out there for everyone. I, however, focused on more instrumental playlists since that’s where I usually gravitate to when studying.

Chill Lofi Study Beats

Image Courtesy of Spotify

This playlist is usually my go-to for essay writing since the wide majority of the songs are instrumental and I often get easily distracted by the lyrics of songs when I’m trying to write. I also listen to this playlist when I need to be in a deeper focus than when I’m listening to my other more casual homework playlists (they’re here and here if you’d like to check them out).

Peaceful Piano

Image Courtesy of Spotify

This playlist stays true to its name with soothing piano music that would probably go best with whatever homework or studying stresses you out the most. The relaxing atmosphere that this playlist produces got me through both my math midterms last quarter with minimal breakdowns, so if that doesn’t prove that this playlist belongs here, I don’t know what will.

Intense Studying

Image Courtesy of Spotify

If you like hoards of classical music featuring composers like Chopin and Bach and even Grieg, this playlist is for you. Now you don’t necessarily have to do intense studying with this playlist, but these classical tracks are proven to help with focus and brain function, plus they’re just really nice to listen to. I listened to this playlist while writing this article and I definitely recommend it.

Chill Vibes

Image Courtesy of Spotify

This playlist is full of slow, mellow vibes. Most of the artists have really soft voices that blend nicely with the music. This playlist would work best for casual studying or casual homework doing in my opinion, but if you’re someone who doesn’t get distracted easily while doing work than this playlist could work for you.

Study Break

Image Courtesy of Spotify

This playlist is full of pop songs from artists like Taylor Swift, DJ Khaled, Lady Gaga and more. Again, true to its name this playlist works perfectly as a break from studying or from grinding, or honestly even for just hanging around.


While Spotify makes great playlists, there are more playlists out there created by artists and Spotify users that I didn’t include in this article. Some of my favorite playlists are ones that I’ve created or ones that my friends have created. My Spotify account is here if you’d like to check out my playlists or if you’re just looking to find a few new songs to add to yours! Happy listening and good luck studying!

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