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Fall is upon us! It’s the season, where the days are shorter and colder which will have all of us in our feels. I have gathered all of the sad girl songs that could be found and compiled them into one playlist. Sad Girl Autumn is the time to cry your tears out and then think about all those times the one you thought was the one played you, left you, or just wasn’t the one! 

Ultimate Sad Songs:

“Chasing Pavements”- Adele

“Chasing Pavements” By Adele is a song that captures the thoughts that go through many of our minds “should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?”. It is about whether one should pursue the one that they want even though the signs and circumstances aren’t ideal. She processes her thoughts as she dwells on whether to confess her feelings to her love interest even though it does not look like they’ll end up together. This is the song you play when you feel like you want to confess your feelings for the one, but have doubts that just make you feel like you’re heading nowhere.

Key Lyrics: 

  • Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere?
  • Or would it be a waste, even if I knew my place? Should I leave it there?

“Somebody Else”- The 1975

The 1975 knows how to put feelings of despair into songs that make you wanna recite every lyric like your life depended on it. “Somebody Else” is about how the one that you used to be with is now in another relationship but you don’t want that or that person (or do you?). It’s all very complicated feelings that Matty Healy sings you through. 

Key lyrics: 

  • I don’t want your body But I hate to think about you with somebody else

“Nobody”- Mitski

“Nobody” by Mitski embodies the feelings of loneliness that could be harvested in the times of cold air and longer nights. She draws upon her own experiences of loneliness as she spent time in a country by herself while all of her other friends and family were on the other side of the world. “Nobody” is the ultimate anthem for those times where you feel lonely and just ask yourself where everybody goes. 

Key Lyrics: 

  • Guess I’m a coward I just want to feel alright

“All Too Well”- Taylor Swift

“All Too Well” By Taylor Swift captures her feelings as she leaves a relationship and the memories of it replay in her head as she reflects. The song is rumored to be about her ex-boyfriend, actor Jake Gyllenhaal.  She pinpoints various items that hold sentimental value to her and her relationships such as a scarf that was left at her ex’s sister’s house, the photo album that was shared with her, and the season of autumn being in the background as she takes us through her memories of this tense relationship. “All Too Well” is the ultimate sad girl song. 

Key Lyrics: 

“Video Games”- Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray, another prominent sad girl, sings about past relationships in “Video Games”. She describes how she changes herself in her relationships that are the subject of the song and how she just wants to be the dream girl for the one. 

Key Lyrics: 

  • It’s you, It’s you, it’s all for you Everything I do I tell you all the time 

“Drew Barrymore”- SZA

“Drew Barrymore” takes us through SZA’s feelings as she sings about her low self-esteem in a relationship that isn’t doing her any justice. 

Key Lyrics: 

  • ‘Cause it’s hard enough you got to treat me like this Lonely enough to let you treat me like this Do you really love me

“Slide Away”- Miley Cyrus

“Slide Away” is a song where Miley talks about her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, her ex-fiance. This song talks about her moving on, going back to the city, or wherever she came from. 

Key lyrics:

  • You say that everything changed You’re right, we’re grown now
  • So won’t you slide away? Back to the ocean, I’ll go back to the city lights

“RPG”- Kehlani (feat 6LACK)

“RPG” By Kehlani describes their feelings in a relationship as feeling like they are in a Role-Playing Game. They want their lover to stop treating it like a game and show them love. 

Key lyrics: 

  • ​​And you told me I’m beautiful ‘Cause I told you you don’t tell me enough

“Eventually”- Tame Impala

“Eventually” by Tame Impala goes into how it feels to end a relationship. He sings about the difficulties of doing so and how hard it is for him. 

Key lyrics:

  • But I know that I’ll be happier And I know you will, too

Music to Look For: 

The self-proclaimed sad girls are back with Taylor Swift releasing her re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version) featuring 10 new songs from the vault that will take us through that fall sadness all over again. This will be out on November 12th. Adele is also dropping a new album, 30, which will take us through her divorce. This will be out on November 19th. Summer Walker is also releasing her new album Still Over It which will take us through her past relationship. Each song corresponds with a date that means something to her. Lana Del Rey just released her album Blue Banisters which is filled with her classic piano ballads that will leave you thinking about the state of your life. Finally, we also have some new Mitski coming out. She already released her new single “Working for the Knife” which describes the feelings of working under a force that feels like a knife. 

I compiled a playlist of other sad songs that fit the autumn vibes and aesthetic. I hope you enjoy it! There is an apple music and a Spotify link to the playlist of the same songs. Be sure to check out the new music coming out in the next couple of weeks to stay in that sad girl autumn vibe. 

Links to the Playlist: 

Apple Music: 



Colleen is a sophomore majoring in Political Science. She is a huge enthusiast of anything pop culture. She loves to write about the tv shows she’s obsessed over for the week and whatever music she is overplaying.
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