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Revisiting “Why You Should Reconsider your Interest in Humanities” as a Senior

In October of 2019, I wrote an article entitled, “Why You Should Reconsider Your Interest in Humanities”. As a fresh sophomore newly in my humanities major from being undecided my freshman year, I had a lot to say about why I had gone this route at a predominantly STEM school, and today, as a senior set to graduate in a few months, I have more to say.

After gaining experience through my co-op and rounding out my last year of classes, I can ecstatically say that I still 100% agree with everything I said in my previous article. Humanities majors (still) have a bright future, and the value of our education is equal to that of other majors with more lucrative job opportunities. Here are more reasons why I still think people should reconsider their interest in the humanities in college.:

I use the things I learn in my Humanities major EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This is the same starting reason that I used in 2019 as well, but I am using it in this article too because it is the most important distinction of humanities majors from every other major. The soft skills and critical thinking that come from discussion-based and writing-intensive courses reflect in my everyday life and influence the jobs that I have had and will have. This brings me to my second point…

Job opportunities are abundant for Humanities majors.

I easily got my first two co-op jobs with the state government and then a local non-profit organization, and I know many other people in my major with a variety of co-op jobs either similar and different from my own. Majors with broad focuses can be applied to many different job opportunities, it might just take some more self-advocacy than others. 

I have actually enjoyed my time in school.

Even though half of my college career was spent online, I genuinely enjoyed my time in school because I take classes that I am interested in instead of out of obligation. Many people get into majors and professions without truly enjoying what they do, and I can happily say that that is not the case for me. It has made college easier, even though the coursework is demanding and difficult. This will prepare me for a career that I will also enjoy, and I am excited about in the future. 

College is an investment I have made in myself, and this will be the most beneficial investment I have made so far because I did it for myself and on my own terms. Sure, maybe I could have made more money in a different major or career path, but I wouldn’t be as fulfilled in my life. If you get anything from this article I hope it’s that you should always follow your true passions and interests instead of doing what other people want of you. Maybe adding a minor to your degree in something that you are passionate about can fulfill you in the way that my Global Studies major has me. I just hope that you get the most out of your time in school non-monetarily.

Hi everyone! I am a senior majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Justice and Human Rights, a minor in Spanish, and a hope to get my Masters of Social Work in the future. I love going to concerts and listening to all different types of music. I am excited to be able to express my creativity and interests while writing for Her Campus!
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