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Review of Wawa’s Valentine’s Day Secret Menu

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Wawa came out with a secret menu of three different cream smoothies and I braved the cold and gross weather to taste test them for you! If you like what you see, you can find them for a limited time on the main menu of the Wawa ordering screens on the bottom left-hand corner. (Check out this video from Wawa’s twitter page!)  

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cream Smoothie

Image Courtesy of Me

This smoothie tastes exactly like it sounds, though it may look like a dressed up strawberry milkshake. It comes out with a chocolate drizzle, chocolate whipped cream, and chocolate chips on top. I didn’t know chocolate whipped cream was a thing until I bought this smoothie. Highkey the best part about this cream smoothie is the chocolate chips at the end, but that’s only if you like slurping them up through the straw the way that I do. Being honest, this smoothie is my favorite of the three options.

White Chocolate Truffle Cream Smoothie

Image Courtesy of Me

This smoothie has a weird taste to it that reminds me of pumpkin spice or eggnog. It’s not bad at all but probably my least favorite of the three. My friend Melanie, however, says it’s her favorite and doesn’t mind the fact that it doesn’t exactly taste like white chocolate, she also appreciated the chocolate chips on top and was thankful to me for buying all three smoothies and sharing.

Double Chocolate Truffle Cream Smoothie

Image Courtesy of Me

This smoothie tastes very similar to a chocolate milkshake, which was pleasant but a bit disappointing since I was expecting a lot more chocolate than I received. This smoothie is also supposed to have chocolate whipped cream and chocolate chips on top but when I picked up my order, the people making the drinks said they were out of both and compensated with a caramel drizzle. My friend Lauren who helped me carry all the drinks said that she liked it the best out of the three because of how sweet it tasted.

Overall these smoothies were pretty good and I would definitely buy them again. They were the highlight of my day when I went to get them in the sleeting and freezing weather on Tuesday. (Special thanks to Melanie and Lauren for helping me carry and taste-test these smoothies, you gals are great!) They’re priced at around $5 each for the 16oz size with whipped cream (who doesn’t get whipped cream though?) so they’re a bit on the expensive side but worth it for a cute Valentine’s Day themed treat. Happy sipping!

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