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Poosh by Kourtney Kardashian


(Image Source: Poosh website)

Kourtney Kardashian proved Kim wrong when she launched her newest business, Poosh. The oldest Kardashian sister has channeled all her time not spent with her three precious children into her website. Personally, I call the website an online blog and the likes of it remind me of Vogue, Refinery 29, or any other sites that cater to a large audience. Poosh covers every subject you could possibly imagine Kourt would have interest in. From Kourtney Kardashian herself, Poosh is “a platform to inform and inspire readers with recommendations for modern living.” The name, “Poosh,” actually is a nickname given to her daughter, Penelope so it didn’t come out of nowhere.

(Image Source: Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram)

There are four tabs on Poosh: Health + Wellness, Life + Style, Home + Entertaining, KMK. My personal favorite is Life + Style because I love anything that has to do with fashion, beauty, or skincare so this section of Poosh is exactly what I love to read when I’m bored in lecture, before I go to bed or when I wake up.

Ok, so let’s break it down. The layout of the site strikes me of the clean, minimalistic aesthetic of Vogue. Anna Wintour would be proud. Poosh is easy to navigate and makes sense to the eye. This is a random preference but I love how you hover over any of the four sections and a drop-down menu appears with an additional breakdown and the most recent articles. Each article has an eye-pleasing/catching image that give a sense of what the article will be about. I also love the length of each article. They are relatively short but still convey the topic well. I feel that Kourtney is targeting millennials and “trendy” mothers with Poosh and this demographic does not have the time to give to a 5-page article with statistics on top of statistics. I love reading the articles along with my Her Campus ones (yes I actually am obsessed with Her Campus content) when lecture gets a little boring. Or when I am not feeling the most social so I tell my friends that I have reading to do. In reality, I’m actually deep in reading about Patrick Ta’s beauty brand. Highly recommend this one: https://poosh.com/how-to-glow-up-with-patrick-ta/ I’m obsessed with everything he does, so thank you, Kourtney, for this breakdown and review.

(Image Source: Poosh website)

Here are some great articles to get you started. If you like these, maybe sign up for the newsletter. I haven’t signed up for the newsletter because I like popping up on Poosh whenever the mood strikes me. I cannot bear to have my inbox flooded even more.

Health + Wellness



Life + Style



Home + Entertaining





In addition to reviewing clean beauty products, Kourtney is partnering with brands to create original Poosh merchandise. “After months of behind-the-scenes planning, the Vital Proteins x Poosh collab is finally available. Our two collagen-based products are both serving up major beauty and wellness benefits – and can only be found on Poosh.com

Now, I have not personally tried her new products but Kourtney swears by them and says she uses them every day. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. I love the authenticity behind her collab. It’s so Kourtney if that makes any sense. I would expect nothing less from the vegan, gym rat, health nut eldest Kardashian sister. Each sister seems to be finding her way and creating businesses that have something to do with a passion varying from the other sisters. And Poosh is perfect for Kourt.

Least interesting sister? I don’t think so. Kourtney, add Kim to the newsletter.

Samantha is a lavender-obsessed, puppy-loving, design and merchandising freshman from Drexel University. She is always spotted at Urban Outfitters, in the studio, or reading a book.
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