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Podcast Review: Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

I never used to listen to podcasts. I didn’t get the point of them. I think everyone needs to find that one podcast to get them interested in listening to podcasts. For me, that was Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger podcast. You may have heard the name Jenna Kutcher before. She had an Instagram post about body positivity that went viral last spring. While that may be what she is now most known for, she got her start by buying a $300 camera off of craigslist and turned it into a million-dollar company after leaving what she thought was her dream job at Target. 

Image courtesy of Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Her podcast originally started out to inform people on how to market new ventures and creative businesses. Now, it focuses on a wide variety of topics including marketing, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and inspirational. 

I’ve listened to almost 100 episodes of the podcast in the past two months and I’m only halfway through. The Goal Digger Podcast recently surpassed the 200 episode mark. So, there’s plenty of episodes to binge. They usually release 2 or 3 episodes a week. 

My favorite part of the podcasts has to be the geniuses and transparency that is present in every episode. As a marketing major, I can honestly say that I gain something from each podcast. There are numerous episodes on starting your own business, marketing ideas, what it’s like being an entrepreneur, and much, much more. Jenna teaches you from episode one what it is like to start your own venture. There’s no fakeness to it at all. It features the real, hard truth about the struggles and the benefits of starting your own company, while also speaking about life in general. 

One of the nice parts is that the podcast shows you that anything can happen to you as long as you work towards a goal. Before having a million-dollar empire, Jenna Kutcher lived in a small Minnesota town. Now, not only is she a photographer, podcast hostess, entrepreneur, and millionaire, she’s also an Aerie real model. It shows that hard work overpowers even the largest of deficits, which she talks about in a large number of episodes. 

This review by Lindsey Roman on iTunes can sum up the podcast in just a few short sentences, “I just binge(d) listened to all 4 of these first episodes while working and can I just say THANK YOU. I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this. Gosh, not only is there freaking amazing business advice but straight up life advice being shared from the heart in every episode. My soul feels so full right now. Jenna has such a heart for pouring into others and she gives you quality content that’s practical and helpful. Listening to this podcast not only makes me want to become a better girl boss, but also a better person. If you haven’t given this podcast a try DO IT. You’ll be hook and your heart and soul will thank you for it.” 

If you’re studying business, are in the business world, or thinking about starting your own venture, The Goal Digger podcast is perfect for you and it will teach you from episode one how to make a career out of a business.  

Kassidy is a dual marketing and legal studies major at Drexel University in Philadelphia. When she's not in class, you can find her binging a new Netflix series, reading, or standing in line at Starbucks.
Her Campus Drexel contributor.