Please Keep Flying Eagles...Please?!

Image courtesy of CBS Sports


I don’t know about you, but I used to never know anything about what was going on during a football game. I was so lost! A couple of years ago, I started asking questions when my dad was watching the game so that I could acquire understanding in the world of football. I’m still asking questions to this day. With the recent success of the Philadelphia Eagles, I find myself much more interested than I have been in previous years. It makes me wonder whether that’s a good or a bad thing. What is different about this season as opposed to past seasons?


There are a couple of things that make the Eagles different this year, but, before I continue, I just wanted to say that I am not an expert and that the information that I have gathered here has come from research and not from opinion. 


I was curious to see if the players themselves felt a difference this year compared to previous years. Carson Wentz, the star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, said in an interview that the team was “made different this year” and that “nobody would settle for anything less than greatness”. Obviously being made different could mean a host of many things, but I think it’s safe to say that the team’s outlook and/or mindset on the game has changed. It seems as if this changed mindset has most definitely affected their playing on the field judging by the fact that they are 11-2. Wentz also said that he did not feel that there was anything missing last year, but that the success this year is partly a result of natural growth that comes with having last season under their belts.


An article by Tommy Lawlor, posted on the Philadelphia Eagles website, states that the biggest difference between the 2004 Eagles and the 2017 Eagles is that this year they are much more physical. This is great news because according to Lawlor, it was the Eagles’ lack of ability to run the ball that cost them back in 2004. The Eagles’ ability to run the ball this year and the vigor that they exude when on the field has many of us questioning, “Is this our year?” Side note - I love how passionate us Philadelphians are about our Eagles. After the lost to the Seahawks, some may be discouraged, but let’s keep our heads held high. If Carson Wentz says that the team will not settle for anything less than greatness, let’s stand with them. I have faith, do you?


If you want to hear more information straight from Carson Wentz and other team players, visit the Philadelphia Eagles website and the NBC Sports website to catch up on your football news!