Philadelphia Auto Show Review

Philadelphia Auto Show Review

A review of the 2019 Philadelphia auto show...

By: Christine Chang


The Philadelphia Auto Show is an annual event, taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. This year's event took place between February 2nd and February 10th, showcasing a number of vehicles from varying car brands. Brands, such as Toyota, Jeep, Dodge, Mistubishi, and more, were presented. As a student at Drexel University, it was easy to get to the convention center from campus. The Dragon Shuttle outside of Pisb allows for a quick ride to 15th Street and Race. Getting off, it was a short walk to the convention center. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) offered discounted tickets for this event; tickets were sold at $10, versus $15 getting it from the website. 

Riding up the escalator to the second floor, I was overwhelmed by the number of cars there. The event was sectioned off, starting with classics. Automobiles starting from the 1910s were shown, all donated by the Antique Automobile Club. After the classics section, I came across the "Hollywood Rides" area. Vehicles, such as the Mystery Wagon and Lightning McQueen were shown, as well as Bumblebee from Transformers and many other Hollywood favorites.

The following sections were based on car brand and geography. American and Eurasian brands were presented first, such as Chrysler and Fiat. Within each car brand's section, representatives presented information regarding the newest models, as well as opportunities to purchase vehicles. In addition to the showcase of cars, features were shown, such as a driving simulator to "test drive" cars. 

International brands, such as Audi and Porsche were shown next. The international car brands, in my opinion, showed the most exotic cars. Although I am not a car enthusiast, the look and engineering behind these vehicles were the most impressive. The McLaren Senna was the most intriguing. ​

Although automobiles are not my area of interesting, the auto show was definitely worth visiting. Not only was it an opportunity to get off campus, it gave me exposure to the world of vehicles. The Philadelphia Auto Show is an annual event, and one you shouldn't miss!