Outfits to wear for Easter

Whether you are going to Easter brunch with your family, or just need an excuse to dress up for the weekend, here are a few outfits that may be right for you in spring 2019.

1. Cheetah  

This print is ‘in’ this season so dress up or dress down this new trendy print with a shirt, skirt, shoes or as a cute accessory. Image courtesy of Kammy 

2. Pastels

Pastels will always be a go-to for a cute Easter outfit. Find a pastel dress and layer it with a jean jacket or cardigan.

Image courtesy of 39 Mine Boutique 

3. Flowers 

It's spring! Try mixing up your look and add in some flowers - doesn't matter what kind. Try pairing cropped jeans with a floral blouse and a matching belt.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

4. Sweater and a Skirt

If the weather gets a little chilly, pair your floral or pastel skirt with a light sweater to be stylish and warm.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

5. Sundress  

If you're feeling something fancy or laid back you can dress up or dress down a fun sundress provided the weather is cooperative.

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

6. Romper or Jumpsuit

Dress in a denim romper or a fun colored jumpsuit depending on your occasion!

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

Hopefully, these fresh spring looks inspire you for this spring season and they work for so much more than just Easter. They can be worn at any spring occasion.