New Year's Eve Food Menu

New Year’s Eve is one of the most important nights of the year. Not only are you celebrating the triumphs and good memories of the past year, but you are also enthusiastically preparing for the new opportunities and happiness to come your way in the new year. It is therefore absolutely essential to kick off New Year’s Eve with a sizzling menu! I thought about a traditional formal four-course meal whereby you could start off with a soup, an appetizer, an entree, and last but not the least an amazing dessert. In the cold weather, you could prepare a creamy soup. Ima​ge Courtesy Of BUDGET BYTES Get any canned soup such as a Cream of Mushrooms or Cream of Potatoes. Add some extra homemade seasoning to give it an extensive flavor and voila, your first course is ready. Image Courtesy Of Tasty Ever After As with appetizers one typically has a lot of options, such as a vegetarian appetizer or a non-vegetarian one. Starting from Deviled Eggs with Ham to Hogs in a Blanket, spicy Buffalo chicken wings, Crab Cakes or a Green Salad, you have plenty of options. You can add some chips and a dip along with your appetizer to give it a nice look. Image Courtesy Of ​​​ As for the main course, since it’s New Year’s Eve everyone would probably expect something fancy. But, is it too much time and effort to make extra lavish food? Don’t worry, you can make something exclusive very simply if you know the tips and tricks. How about some Barbecue Chicken? Grab a bottle of barbecue sauce at your nearest grocery and some chicken. Season the chicken with some salt and pepper for a while, add some bbq sauce and toss it in the oven. Your main course is ready. You could also make some Pork Chops or a beautiful Chicken Pie. Another great and easy recipe would be to make some Spaghetti Carbonara. Toss in some bacon and cheese in a pan, add some Alfredo sauce, add spaghetti, and garnish it with some parsley and your main course is ready! All these recipes are super easy and convenient and you’ll find plenty of videos on Tasty.  Image Courtesy Of Integrimi

The fourth course of the meal and the most important one- dessert. You could bring home a traditional chocolate cake and some ice cream to serve. There are, however, plenty more homemade options. It is very easy to make a Creme Caramel pudding or even an Apple Pie. If you’re celebrating your New Year’s Eve with friends you could just make tons of flavored milkshake and add extra whipped cream to carry on the holiday spirit. This one’s definitely my personal favorite. 


No need to worry about your food menu for this New Year’s Eve, you have it all here. Happy New Year!