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Disclaimer: If you have not seen the show and you do not want any spoilers please click away until you have caught up. Trust me, you will want to see it for yourself. This show is too good to spoil.

If you have already seen Season 1 you know what I mean when I say this season was THAT much better than the 1st. Only a few will say that this season was not as good but let me tell you, they don’t know what they’re talking about. I cannot stress enough how much I love this show, and I am NOT into thrillers or any shows related but “You” keeps me on my toes and wanting more.

If you think Joe could not get any creepier, you’re wrong! It was almost mind-boggling thinking that Joe was a good guy in the first episode… thinking that his relationship with love would end up “normal”. You find out shortly after that he went back to his creepy old ways. From him moving to a specific apartment building on a specific floor just so he can look at her through his telescope that just so happened to be left behind by the previous tenant and just so happened to pull out a very relevant book in his interview at ‘Anavrin’ should have known better.

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Okay, so there are way too many details to mention everything that happened this season so I am going to mention the parts that stood out to me this season. I am still confused about the story with his mother and I wonder if there is anyone else from his past that we don’t know about. You find out the true story about Candice, but honestly, I don’t know if she was necessarily that sane either. I liked how bits of their relationship unfolded as those moments became relevant in the episodes because the ending of last season had me in shambles. One thing that he has made known is that he is empathetic towards children, especially those that have broken families, much like his. It is hard to think he is a bad guy in the moments where he is so caring towards Pablo in the 1st season and Ellie in season 2. He was willing to go to great lengths, like sneak into Hendy’s mansion to save Ellie from being roofied. I find it so hard to be able to figure out my feelings towards Joe because he is so caring and passionate in one moment and the next moment he might kill someone. 

The ending of the season is what really gets me. When Joe is presented to someone that is just like him, you find out about Love and her past with her twin brother Forty and why they are so close. She too has blood-stained hands. When Joe finds out about the real Love, even he becomes scared. Strange to think such a perfect couple may not work out. In the very last scene, you catch a glimpse of what Joe does best… moving away to a new place and finding a new obsession.

What are some of your thoughts about what next season will be about? Who knows… YOU might be next.  

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