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It’s the beginning of the holiday season and with that comes all the holiday movies. I compiled a list of the most essential Halloween movies to watch with friends and family. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Hocus Pocus

This 1993 film is one of the most renowned Halloween movies. And it deserves its spot as one of the classics. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy star as three witch sisters who used to live in an abandoned house in Salem, Massachusetts. Hocus Pocus has memorable songs, great one-liners, and the best dressed witches you’ve ever seen. 


The first installment of the Halloweentown series is one for the books. I hope you grew up watching Halloweentown and if you didn’t, you were robbed. Grab some popcorn and have a marathon. It’s a Disney Channel original series and if that doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will. 

The Addams Family

By far, my FAVORITE Halloween movie of all time. The Addams Family has the perfect combination of on-spot costumes, comedy, and a family-friendly but dark plot. Morticia Addams is an idol of mine and a great go-to costume for Halloween. Each family member has their own hilarious traits and the absurdity of their lifestyle in their suburban neighborhood will make you laugh. 

The Addams Family Values

The sequel to The Addams Family did not disappoint. Besides Morticia Addams, the antagonist of this film is one of my favorite female villains. Once Fester Addams settles in his house with the rest of the family, a nanny for the youngest Addam’s baby comes into the picture and grabs his attention.


Another classic that your parents are definitely obsessed with. I’m not talking about the remake either, the original two Ghostbusters films starring Bill Murray are comedic gold. Watching the idiots run around New York City trying to trap these CGI ghosts is hilarious and the actors in the two films are legendary. 


This live-action film inspired by the animated cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost is a heart-warming movie for the whole family. You get to see the friendship between Casper and Kat and see Casper discover what really happened in his childhood. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Whether or not this movie is a Halloween or Christmas movie, will always remain a debate. Personally, I think it’s a movie for both seasons. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Tim Burton’s best stop-motion films. It has amazing animation that elevates the fantasy but still adds a dark side so perfect for Halloween. Jack Skellington is a captivating character and one of my favorite parts of the movie is his relationship with Sally. One of the best soundtracks too!

Samantha is a lavender-obsessed, puppy-loving, design and merchandising freshman from Drexel University. She is always spotted at Urban Outfitters, in the studio, or reading a book.
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