Memorial Day Weekend Fashion Tips

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching us, which means long weekends, trips down the shore, barbecues and celebrations. Memorial Day weekend is all about America, hot dogs and hamburgers, Budweisers, the shore - does it get any more American than that? Nope! However, it is a day of remembrance of those who have served for our country, so naturally, it is incredibly patriotic. It celebrates the land of the free and the home of the brave. Memorial Day infamously calls for a trip to the beach with your closest friends and family. One of my favorite parts about Memorial Day weekend (aside from the long weekend off from work and school), is the fashionable outfits you get to wear. Going to the beach for this particular weekend is a fashion statement. Literally everyone you ever knew is heading down for the long weekend away, so you're bound to run into someone important, and you have to look your absolute best. For a fun weekend down the shore, here are some of my favorite MDW fashion tips.


Cut Offs

There is one essential that is absolutely necessary, if nothing else - a pair of great vintage denim. There is nothing more American than vintage Levis. There is just something about washed, faded worn-in denim that is so perfect for the beach. You can wear them over your bathing suit during the day, for bike rides and out to lunch with the girlies. Or, you can pair it with a light sweater or flannel button-down and wear them out for the night.

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Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters



The next essential you need, going along with the patriotic theme, is some stripes! The perfect way to incorporate this is with a striped bathing suit that you can wear an oversized button-down with or with your denim cutoff shorts!

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The graphics

Lastly for our MDW fashion musts, is stars. So many stores sell amazing graphic tees and sweaters that have stars on them, and it just so happens to be perfect for MDW. It is essential to have a sweater to bring down the shore for brisk nights, so make sure to pick up this star-studded sweater from Wildfox.

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Image Courtesy of Wildfox


With these pieces, not only will you look patriotic for this fun holiday, but you will look cute and comfy as well!