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Megan Paraschak, Treasurer of the Drexel TrebleMakers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Megan Paraschak is a pre-junior chemical engineering major with a special interest outside of school: music. Performing in musicals and singing groups since she was ten years old, Megan discovered the Drexel Treblemakers a cappella group to be the perfect fit for her. She is not only an incredibly talented singer in the group—after joining last year, she is now the group’s Treasurer as well.

The Drexel TrebleMakers are the only all female a cappella group on campus. Founded in 2008, the groups  sound has only evolved. “We love to spin the stereotypes on female a cappella and sing genres from pop to EDM,” said Megan. “We are a group of girls that love to sing and perform, and it’s our goal to always better our sound and share it with the community around us.” Having gone to a performing arts high school, Megan was determined to find opportunities that would allow her to stay in touch with music and performance in college. That is what led her to the TrebleMakers.

As the treasurer of the group, Megan is solely responsible for all financial management and needs of the group including creating a yearly budget, fundraising, communicating with the university’s Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) and securing and supervising the necessary funds related to all musical performance engagements. This involves constant communication with Drexel to make sure no mistakes have been made in the budget, and Megan is always on the ball. “I have learned that I have to really be on top of all of the charges that the organization receives from the university,” said Megan. If the university has made a mistake and the group has been overcharged, it’s up to Megan to dispute it. “If I were able to trust that we would never be accidentally overcharged, it would make my job a lot easier.”

Megan stands out by going above and beyond for her group. “Aside from treasurer duties, I do everything and anything the group needs me to for us to perform and function in as smooth a manner as possible. I’m always willing to do any odd jobs if they need to be done.”

Though the position has undoubtedly added some extra responsibility and stress to Megan’s life, she wouldn’t change a thing about it. “Being a part has the group has only had a positive effect on my life at Drexel,” said Megan. “I major in Chemical Engineering, so my curriculum is filled with a lot of math and science. Being able to sing and perform is a stress reliever.” She works so hard at her job because of the love she has for her group and its members. “Being in TrebleMakers has allowed me to find an amazing community that holds some of my best friends at the university,” said Megan. “I have also had the opportunity to travel to places like Fayetteville, Arkansas and even met the producer of Pitch Perfect there.”

Though the group isn’t directly related to her major, Megan still sees a lot of value in her experiences in TrebleMakers. “While this hasn’t influenced my career or co-op paths per se, my involvement with the arts has been a positive attribute throughout the application and interview processes,” said Megan. Her involvement in music adds more dimension to her resume and can allow her to connect with people in different ways.  “Being so well-rounded in the science field is always something that allows you to stand out.” So true! With that attitude, we know that Megan has great things to come.

Be sure to like Megan’s group, the Drexel TrebleMakers, on Facebook and Instagram, as well as check out the group’s performances on their website!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.