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Halloween is right around the corner, and this is our second year of dressing up in the middle of a pandemic. Sure, people might not usually wear masks at parties or Halloween events, but if you’re here to practice a safe holiday by wearing a mask while still looking cute, cool, sexy, or whatever you want in your costume, then keep reading and get inspired!


This is an obvious one, but could totally be spiced up with a mask of your choosing.


A plain white mask would be great for a mummy costume! Add some fake dirt with eyeshadow to go the extra mile.


Pop on a black mask with white whiskers drawn on and you are sure to have the puuurrrrrfect costume.


Use a green mask and draw on scale details with a marker and you’re sure to leave everyone shell shocked.


You can buy a skeleton-designed mask from Amazon for an easy last-minute costume.


A black mask is all you need to transform into Gotham’s hero!


Paint on a big smile and some other makeup on the top half of your face and you will fit in perfectly with all the people without a mask on at crowded parties. :)


Not all heroes wear masks, but now they do. Combine the mask with an eye cover and nobody will know your identity.

Whatever you dress up your time will be 100 times better without the risk of getting and spreading germs. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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