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Lush Life –Favorite LUSH Products, the Best fits for your Needs!

When you walk into Lush, there are so many options. How can you pick between all the beautiful products? Well here is a guide of some personal favorites and some favorites of employees from the Rittenhouse location. Here is a list of the favorites in each category!

Scrub: Magic Crystals

While you might be drawn to the staple product of the Ocean Salt Scrub, try this adventurously peppermint-scented scrub to rejuvenate your skin and add some freshness and vigor to your routine. Perfect for people wanting smoother skin and nice invigorating smell to wake them up. Scrub away dead skin and leave your skin silky soft and smelling as fresh as you feel with Magic Crystals.

Lip Scrub: Bubblegum

Enjoy the nostalgia as well as the supple and plump lips that come from the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Scrub away dry skin and maybe some stubborn lipstick and leave your lips feeling revived and luscious. With the great smell and taste of Bubblegum, this scrub will become your newest lip product obsession.

Shampoo: Trichomania

One of the most eco-friendly yet great quality products on the market are the shampoo bars, no packaging (reusable tins) to throw away and waste, and they work wonderfully. The bar form is super convenient when working with long or thick hair. Trichomania is one of these shampoo bars, it’s perfect for taming difficult textures, rehydrating dry hair, and controlling frizz. As a bonus, Trichomania also has a gorgeous tropical smell of coconut and a creamy texture that will make your hair happy.

Conditioner: American Cream

For all my curly haired friends, this conditioner is for you. This perfect balance of vanilla and strawberry offers a dreamy smell with dreamy results. The ingredients help your hair get silky and your ends beave. While some curly hair products tame and defuse your curls this product enhances and defines your curls while also smoothing and detangling. This product is definitely a dream for bouncy curls and luscious locks.

Shower Gel: Plum Rain

This is the pick for the favorite shower gel. Part of the reason is because of the deliciously fruity scent and the creamy jelly texture. The sweet smell and brilliant color come from plum juice, so lather up with this moisturizing and mineral-rich body wash – your smooth and soft skin will thank you.

Lotion: Sleepy

If you want something to soothe your skin and soothe your sleep, Sleepy lotion is perfect for you. Infused with delightful lavender this lotion is super hydrating and lasts all day and night. The lotion is hydrating without having an oily texture, is moisturizing without causing breakouts and the smell lasts for hours. The lavender smell is heavenly and helps lull you to sleep.

Fresh Facemask: BB Seaweed

Great for sensitive skin for its calming qualities, BB Seaweed is a perfect combination of a variety of fresh ingredients to soothe skin, remove dirt and grime, and overall work moisturizing and refreshing wonders. With real seaweed, this mask will revive your skin. BB Seaweed is a great product for a nice and natural glow after use as well as a feeling of freshness. 

Regular Facemask: Cup of Coffee

Regardless of your skin type, dry, oily, or acne prone, this is a great product for all. With the smell and ingredients of coffee, scrub away troublesome spots and dry skin and polish away any oil build up with a strong mask like this. Cup of Coffee is a great choice for anyone looking for a vibrant and bold treatment for their skin. It smells great and wakes you and your skin up. 

Overall Lush has some great products and no matter what you choose you cannot go wrong! Enjoy a Lush life!

Gray is an English and Education double major at Drexel! In addition to writing for Her Campus, she is a member of ENC. She loves to read, write, cook, bake, and volunteer.
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