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Loyalty Programs Worth Joining

As the year slowly starts to kick off, and by slowly we obviously mean a quiz next week and a huge blast of cold air pushing you to classes during winter term, it’s time to start thinking about how to be better in the new year. Of course there are the typical resolutions we at Her Campus know so well. In fact, we’ve  written a few articles on them. Out of all of the life changing/bettering decisions that come with the first frost of the year, saving money is often at the top of a college girl’s list. With all of the irresistible restaurants and tantalizing stores in our neck of the woods, it’s easy to understand why this can be hard to accomplish. However, did you know there are tons of easy ways to save small amounts of cash when shopping?

Joining the loyalty programs offered at your favorite stores is great for you and your wallet. After some research and sale – I mean soul searching, here’s a list of loyalty programs you should really consider joining. 


1. Pharmacy Coupon Cards (CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid):

These pharmacy/convenience stores stock practically everything a college student needs to live on campus. From toilet paper to school supplies, they have everything you could need in a pinch and are conveniently located around the city. CVS is probably the most convenient with a location right next to campus. However, if you find yourself in Center City more often, Walgreen’s has a huge store on Broad Street, and Rite Aid has one stationed right across the bridge at 23rd and Walnut. With all things considered, joining all three loyalty programs is your best bet. It isn’t complicated or difficult to sign up and will only save you money in the long run. The cards are linked to your phone number as well, making it even easier if you forget your card at home.

Author’s Note: The Fresh Grocer loyalty card works roughly the same as the ones mentioned above. It is also advised to grab one of those next time you go. 


2. Punch Card (Kiwi, Yogorino, Joes, Starbucks):

So many of the “grab & go” places or casual eateries around here offer punch cards, so why not grab one? I don’t know of any punch card that expires so you can add up points all through college. These often require about 10-12 purchases to earn a free one, which won’t take long, especially during summer term when everyone gets a craving for fro-yo. Coffee grabs customers year round so that one will add up even faster! Keep your loyalty cards near each other in your wallet so you can find all of them quickly. On the off chance you forget yours at home, most places will often give you another card so you can combine them on your next visit. It’s like they want to give you free things!

3. Points per Purchase Cards (Qdoba, Bobby’s Burgers, Dunkin, Papa Johns):

There are also those businesses that hand you fancy credit-card-like loyalty cards. You swipe them with every purchase so the money you spend gets turned into points that results in more money for you… sort of. The point to purchase conversion isn’t always as favorable, but it all adds up. The nice thing about these loyalty programs is that card holders receive special benefits. Dunkin Donuts sends out special deals just for their card holders, and Qdoba offers a free side of chips the first time you register. Although these places are a little more on the pricey side (meaning a meal costs $6+) they still reward you for every time you purchase food from their establishment. 

4. Clothing Store Loyalty Accounts (Victoria’s Secret, Express, Payless, Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Macy’s):

If you’re going to shop, you might as well get something back for it right?(Insert “Shut up and take my money” meme here) Many stores in Center City/King Of Prussia have email/text message programs to alert their best customers of special deals. Nordstrom Rack sends emails out of special deals, and Forever 21 often offers special deals for those on their email list. It’s a great way to stay in the know and get discounts on things you were going to buy anyways. If you’re worried about having more emails sent to your inbox, create a new account just for shopping. This way you can check it whenever you feel like shopping, and it won’t tempt you when you really can’t afford it.


Go forth and save money Dragons! Hopefully this list has informed you of some loyalty programs you previously hadn’t heard of. Swipe your CVS card when you’re buying cough drops, hit up Yogorino for 2-Punch-Tuesdays, and always, always, wait for the Flyers to win a hockey game so you can get 50% off your order from Papa Johns.

Lindsey is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in operations management & bus. analytics. She has been with Her Campus Drexel for four years and was CC for the middle two. Along with living the city life, she takes an active interest in street style, putting together puzzles and binge-watching her current Netflix obsession. She actually calls Montana her true home so now you can say you know that someone actually lives there ;). When she's in Philly, you can find her in Center City scouring the racks of thrift stores, Old Navy, and H&M if she's not on campus enjoying the multiple food trucks or catching up on the readings she put off until the last day.
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