#LoveYourself: Sarah Jamack

Name: Sarah Jamack

Age: 19

Major: English

Class: Sophomore (Class of 2019)

Relationship Status: In a relationship


Whats your favorite feature about yourself?

My smile.


What advice would you give to young girls?

Do what you really, truly want to do, and be who you actually want to be.


How do you define “beautiful”?

Beautiful is whatever makes you happy in a giddy way, that you can’t stop looking at or thinking about. And cats. Cats are the definition of beautiful.


Who was the best female role model for you when growing up and why?

My mom, because even though she has a lot of flaws, she was always very positive, happy, and able to overcome her struggles.


Whats the best thing about being a woman in your opinion?

Being able to wear makeup and fun dresses and skirts without being judged, harassed, or discriminated against (ideally EVERY person of every gender would be able to enjoy these fun things without judgment and harassment).


Whats one stereotype about females that you want to counteract?

That a woman being feminine and expressing femininity makes her any less strong or worthy than a man. It doesn’t make her ditzy, stupid, weak, or bad. Basically, just because a woman doesn’t express masculine traits doesn’t mean you should take her less seriously. Also, though, it’s important to keep in mind that a woman expressing masculine traits is not bad either. It would be nice to counteract that masculinity is in no way, shape, or form inherently better than femininity, and vice versa.


What are your #goals for the future?

To be happy, surround myself with people who aren’t toxic, and make enough money to at least live a sustainable lifestyle.


Why do you #LoveYourself?

I love myself because I have the power to make my life how I want it to be, and at the end of the day, I’m my own best friend.