Lazy Girl Tips for a Quick Morning Routine

If you’re anything like me, you like to hit snooze on your alarm at least ten times in the morning and stay in bed until the last possible second. Getting ready in the morning is unfortunately something we all must do. If you’d rather spend as much time in bed as you can in the morning then you need a quick and efficient morning routine. Here are some of my tips for getting ready as quickly as possible on the mornings where you want to sleep in and are now running late.

Image by Unsplash on Pixabay

1. Develop a routine.

I have a routine for how I get ready in the morning that ensures that I spend as little time as possible walking back from the kitchen, to my bathroom, to my bedroom. Since, I have a straight-forward routine, I don’t have to spend any time in the morning wondering what step I want to do next. The less time you spend thinking about getting ready, the quicker you will get ready.  


2. Shower at night/reduce shower time.

Showering at night means less time having to get ready in the morning. However, there are people who depend on morning showers to wake themselves up. If you must shower I recommend cutting the time in there to a minimum. Some tips to cut back the time in the shower include: showering in cold water so that you wake up/want to spend less time in the shower, use a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, and skip shaving until you have more time (nobody cares if you have hairy legs, I promise).


3. Choose your outfit the night before.

This is a given – I really can’t tell you how many minutes I’ve wasted standing in front of my closet debating what to wear in the morning. Before you go to bed at night, check the weather and plan out your outfit, either laying it out or choosing it in your head; it will cut back significantly on the time spent getting ready in the morning.


4. Plan your routine around breakfast.

While you’re waiting for your coffee to brew or your breakfast to be cooked, try to use that time to step out of the kitchen and get ready. Choose easy breakfast foods to save time: a banana, yogurt, a bagel. I even sometimes eat frozen dinners for breakfast if I’m particularly hungry. While they’re cooking in the microwave for a few minutes, I use that time to run upstairs and get dressed or wash my face.


5. Cut back on time doing makeup.

Photo by kaboompics on Pixabay

I pretty much never put on a full face of makeup for an average day of classes and work, so it only takes me two minutes to throw on some concealer and mascara. A tip that works is practicing an everyday look (I have mine down perfectly) so that getting ready in the morning takes less time. If you don’t have time to do your makeup at home, you can always take your makeup with you and apply it in the bathroom when you have a spare minute.


6. Simplify your hairstyles.

There are a lot of ways you can prep your hair at night so that you spend less time on it in the morning. If you shower at night, you can always sleep with your hair in a braid. Or blow dry and straighten it the night before so that it’s ready to go in the morning. You can also stock up on beanies and hats to wear in the occasion you have a bad hair day so that you don’t have to worry about it. And when in doubt, the messy bun always works.


If you’re a lazy girl or just a girl who appreciates her sleep more than the average person, use these tips so that you can get ready quicker and your morning routine is way shorter. Let us know what tips work for you in the comments section!