Layering Looks for Winter

The Classic


Image courtesy of Glamour

I think we can all put the two pieces together: a standard button-down and crew neck sweater. If you are not in the mood to jazz things up for your 9 a.m., this is the perfect look that projects professionalism while looking effortless. Kristen Stewart pairs her layering outfit with classic dark wash jeans and adds a bit of color with her burgundy combat boots. To accentuate the look even more, this can be finished off with a classic pea coat.


The Jacket on Jacket

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Deciding between two jackets to wear today? Layer both! Start with a neutral-colored turtleneck to cover your neck that the other jackets lack. Layer your colored bomber jacket you wore that one chilly summer night. Throw on a boyfriend-style coat with warm material, such as wool, or even a Sherpa-lined jean jacket over top. The collective outfit is topped off with a pair of cool shades and light wash jeans. Casual, casual, casual.


The 90’s Chic


Image courtesy of AVE Styles

New York Fashion Show attendees knew the layering trend for the upcoming winter season, and it’s the easiest one yet. We are taking it back to the 90’s aesthetic: an oversized graphic tee on top of a lamè turtleneck. To keep the color scheme cohesive, the black and silver metallic colors complement each other while adding contrast. This look could maybe be paired with Mary Jane heels on the way to class, or even throw on your favorite combat booties to rep that rocker vibe. Also, keeping those heels on can easily transition to a GNO. A jacket option to stay warm would be a chunky moto jacket.


The Unexpected


Image courtesy of InStyle

This formula creates an unexpected look right off the runway. Instead of layering with a crew neck, we opted out for the turtleneck tank. Put your button-down underneath the tank, topped with one of those classic jackets. The button-down enhances a bit of the classic look while adding another dimension of structure. Plus, wide-legged black pants read sophistication while staying comfy. This is more of a formal outfit for your co-op interviews or project presentations. Slay it!


The Blanket Cardigan


Image courtesy of Closet Full of Clothes

This cardigan just reads comfort. Let’s start out again with a neutral turtleneck, contrasted with a V-neck sweater. Put on some slightly ripped, light wash jeans. Knee-high boots are in play to keep you warm while adding a new silhouette to your legs. And yes, for the finishing touch, a soft, draped, long cardigan. To differ the tight-fitting vibe, add a cardigan like this with some color and print to execute a comfy, put-together effect. Not warm enough? Add a coat the same length of your slouchy cardigan.


The Summer Maxi


Image courtesy of Styleoholic

Don’t forget your summer maxi dress sitting in the back of your closet. The summery color adds some happiness during those dreary winter days. Overtop, add your favorite sweater and fur vest. The maxi dress adds a romantic and fluttery silhouette, but don’t forget your warmest leggings underneath. To differentiate the pink, girly side, wear some studded moto boots and a trendy, statement Western belt. Ta-da! The look can be used from class to a dinner with the girls. This is the ultimate layering look for some girly edge.


The Tracksuit


Image courtesy of meappropriatestyle

The tracksuit is not only for the gym. If you are feeling completely lazy, but want to look put-together, try this look. We are using that same fur fest on top of your track jacket. Stick with a monotone turtleneck underneath the jacket. Who said boots can’t be worn with joggers? The baggy joggers look so comfortable, adding a cool girl fit. The joggers also perfectly meet the ankles, as the metallic ankle boots and pants meet in-between. 


Don’t feel afraid of layering - you might never know what cute, comfortable, stylish looks you can come up with!