Last Minute Halloween Costumes

You may have been a cat the past 5 Halloweens because you just can’t get a costume together in time, but this year I'm here to help you find a few super easy costumes to put together for that party you forgot you were invited to. 

  1. 1. Minnie Mouse

    I’m gonna say the majority of people reading this right now might have been to Disney at one point in their lives and definitely have a pair of Minnie ears laying around. And, after that, the rest of the costume is simple. Wear a red dress, or black leggings and a cute red top, draw a black dot on your nose, and that's it! And if you have a pair of yellow shoes laying around, add that to the outfit too!

  2. 2. Cowgirl

    All you need is a pair of jeans, boots, a cowboy hat, a bandana around your neck and pigtails in you hair to complete the look.

  3. 3. Biker

    This just requires a leather jacket, a bandana and attitude. Pair it with black ripped jeans and a pair of black boots or sneakers. Add gaudy jewelry and draw on tattoos with eyeliner.

  4. 4. Beauty Pageant Contestant

    Pick up your old prom dress that's lying around or that dress from your mom's second cousin daughter's wedding from last year, then add a tiara, a sash and –if you’re really up for it– put on your favorite pair of heels.

  5. 5. Riding Hood

    For riding hood, you really just need a black outfit, a red polka dot scarf to put around your head, a basket and a red dress 

  6. 6. Football Player

    Grab one of your dad's hundreds of football jerseys –just not his favorite because he WILL notice– put on some eye black, high socks and sneakers. This really works for any sport, so if you don’t have a football jersey, that's ok!

  7. 7. Hippie

    All you will need for this is a tie-dye shirt, some colorful earrings, big circle glasses and a bandana to wrap around your head!