Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Image courtesy of Pinterest

I love giving gifts to my family and friends, however I usually end up preparing them last minute. Fortunately, there are many ideas across the Internet for people like me.

1. Slippers filled with treats or beauty products

Image courtesy of Pretty Providence

Slippers are a nice, cozy gift that a person is actually very likely to use. However, you can make this gift much more special by stuffing the slippers with small things, like sweets, or beauty products, such as, soap, bath bombs and a lip balm.

2. Christmas Candles

Image courtesy of The 36th Avenue

This gift is very cute, and extremely easy to make. You just have to buy a candle and some arts and crafts supplies and put it all together. My favorite is the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer candle. Buy a brown candle in a glass or clear plastic jar, glue a red nose on and some tiny tree branches to the jar.

3. Christmas tree made out of tea

Image courtesy of Thirsty for Tea

A wonderful and inexpensive gift for a tea lover. They’ll be able to snuggle up with a soothing hot cup of deliciousness!

4. Coffee stirring spoons

Image courtesy of Mom Spark

However, if your friend is a coffee lover, this is a great gift. Just heat up chocolate or caramel melts in the microwave, dip a wooden spoon in and sprinkle salt or candy cane pieces over it.

5. Gifts in a jar

There are hundreds of ideas for gifts in a jar because they all look great! Just take an empty glass jar, fill it with small presents and decorate it. Here are some ideas.

Jar with beauty products 

Image courtesy of The Gunny Sack

Fill it with a nail polish, lip balm and a hand cream to make the perfect gift for a sister or girlfriend.

Jar with sweets

Image courtesy of Polkadot Chair

A great gift for anyone who appreciates sweets and candies. You can choose practically anything – candy, cookies, or chocolates. Decorate it Christmas-sy and the gift will make anyone happy.

Jar with cocoa and marshmallows

Image courtesy of Afternoon Baking with Grandma

An alternative to candy is filling the jar with a hot cocoa mix and a layer of marshmallows on top. Use colorful marshmallows to make it more interesting.

Jar with a dry brownie mix

 Image courtesy of Call Me Cupcake

You can also fill the jar with a dry mix for making brownies, pancakes or cookies.

Candle holder jar

Image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

For this one, you just have to decorate the jar and put a candle inside. This gift will make a home cozier and your friend or family member will appreciate that you made something with your own hands.

Snow globe jar

Image courtesy of Oh Lovely Day

This gift is not practical, but it can be very beautiful. Just glue a cute Christmas tree or snowman figurine on the lid of the jar, pour white glitter into the jar and fill it with water.

Terrarium kit jar

Image courtesy of Wit & Whistle

This gift, containing all you need to create a terrarium, is great for succulent lovers who never have time to actually make their little dream come true.

I really hope that these ideas inspire you to make gifts this year instead of just buying something. Your family and friends will definitely appreciate them. Most of these gift ideas don’t take long to make and are inexpensive, so gather your supplies and get to work!