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Julie Knerr, Treasurer for Drexel Society of Future Health Leaders

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Julie Knerr, a sophomore health services administration major, is treasurer of the Drexel Society of Future Health Leaders (DSOFHL). Though she’s not completely sure where she wants to be after graduation, Julie’s current goal is to work in hospital management, eventually working her way up the ladder to a position of leadership. As DSOFHL relates directly to her career goals and major, she found out about the club from guest speakers in her core classes during her freshman year. She then took on the position of treasurer the following summer.

The DSOFHL, as Julie puts it, is a “small but mighty organization.” The club’s goal is to “help students connect over a shared passion for healthcare and career development,” she said. Though many members are health services administration majors like Julie, she explained, “we are really trying to get rid of that notion because we want students progressing in all health-related fields to see the value in being a member of DSOFHL!”

The group is most known for their fall panel event, at which successful healthcare professionals speak about their own experiences and offer up advice to students – Julie encourages everyone to look out for flyers, as it’s a public event! However, they also participate in plenty of other on-campus activities. “We placed in last year’s homecoming window decorating contest!” Julie shared.

As treasurer, Julie is in charge of DSOFHL’s financial account, as well as making budgeting decisions for their events. She is also the one who applies for SAFAC funding that allows DSOFHL to hold events in the first place.

Her favorite part about being treasurer is working with her fellow members. “DSOFHL is really a passionate organization with hardworking leaders and it’s so exciting to be surrounded by the dedication and positivity of my peers,” she said.

It’s not always so easy, however. Julie puts a lot of pressure on herself to contribute as much as possible to DSOFHL as treasurer. “As any college student knows, time management can be really difficult at times, so putting my effort into all the right places is a significant challenge,” she revealed. We definitely feel that, Julie!

But, she doesn’t let the stress overpower her. “As long as my choices for extracurriculars are all those that I am passionate about, such as DSOFHL, I know that I’ll always do everything I can to find the time,” she said.

At the end of the day, it’s all worth it for Julie. “So far, DSOFHL has really helped me develop my passion for healthcare by helping me meet other students with similar interests, while also giving me opportunities to develop professional connections,” she said. As for being treasurer, Julie said that “having the position has even made me consider working in financing operations in healthcare, rather than just general management.” It just goes to show that joining the right club can impact your whole life, even outside of school!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.